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14 Sep

Click here for 2020/2021 docs.

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SHPS Before & After Care (from the LEF)

17 Nov

Dear Families,

The Learning Enrichment Foundation, a non-profit organization, operates a licensed Before and After school program at Summit Heights.  In September 2020, we were un-able to re-open due to low enrolment whilst being unable to safely maintain cohorts in the program.

The focus for the Learning Enrichment Foundation has been, and continues to be the safety of children, their families and our staff members. All educators have gone through Toronto Public Health training and have gone through all Covid-19 related policies & procedures and are ready, willing and able to provide a safe, engaging and fun program.

We will continue to reevaluate the needs in the community and look forward to resuming our Before & After care at Summit Heights when we are able.

Please contact me at 647-567-5074 or if you have any questions or might be interested in the program.


Progress Reports / Kindergarten Communication of Learning

17 Nov
Dear Summit Heights Parents,

This email applies to those parents who have a child(ren) attending in-person (not the TDSB Virtual School).

I would like to share some important information regarding the distribution of the Kindergarten Communication of Learning:  Initial Observations and Grades 1-8 Progress Reports including Alternative Report Card.  For this reporting period, as is past practice, Kindergarten Communication of Learning:  Initial Observations and Progress Reports will be distributed in hard copy to students and their families on Wednesday November 18, 2020.

Toronto Public Health has been consulted on the sending of hard copies and they did not identify any concerns. As always however, staff and students are reminded of proper handwashing routines before and after distribution of materials.

A reminder that parent/guardian-teacher interviews are available during the Professional Activity day on Friday, November 20th (and possibly on other dates).  Your child’s teacher should have already communicated about the specific dates (besides November 20th), the available times, how to sign up and the format of the interviews (by telephone or virtual conference).

There will be no classes for students this Friday November 20th..

Should you have any questions, please speak with your child’s teacher.


Mr. B. Mah,


Winter Clothing Drive!

16 Nov

Help Keep a Student Warm!

SHPS is helping Grenoble Public School, an inner-city Toronto school with socio-economic needs, that has a school population of 1,000 students ranging from JK-6 – stay warm this winter by running a winter clothing drive in the neighbourhood. This community has been greatly affected by the pandemic and is looking for lightly used winter gear: Snow Pants, Jackets, Boots, Hats, Gloves, Warm Clothing!


Contactless Drop-off location from, 8 am – 8 pm.  Donation bin is located at the front door.


For the location address, please contact parent Lauren Rivietz for additional questions:


Thank you for your support!



Principal’s Update

11 Nov
Dear Summit Heights Parents,

We hope that you and your family were able to enjoy the outstanding fall weather this past week.  Many of our classes took advantage of the warm temperatures by teaching outdoors as much as possible.

Please note the following updates.

Remembrance Day & Poppy donations
Our school will host a virtual Remembrance Day ceremony tomorrow (November 11th) for our students.  Classes will join the ceremony through Google Meets at 10:50am.

All students will be given a Poppy to wear tomorrow.  These poppies are donated to our school by the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 66.   In previous years, we’ve collected cash donations for the Legion.  Given the ongoing pandemic, this year we will be collecting donations through our Cash Online system (an electronic notice has already gone out).  We will be donating 100% of the donations to the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 66 – please consider donating a dollar (or more), the online donation portal will be open until the end of this month.  Thank you in advance.

Report Cards and Parent-Teacher interviews
Please note, Progress Reports (for grades 1-7) and the Communication of Learning (kindergarten) will be going home with your child at the end of the day on November 18th.  Parent-teacher interviews will be held through a telephone call or a virtual meeting (Google Meet or Zoom).  Please be on the look-out for communication from your child’s teacher regarding these interviews, including dates and possible times and how to book a meeting.

Friday, November 20th is a PA Day.  Most staff will be available during the morning for interviews (again, via a phone call or a virtual meeting), in addition to other dates/times (please see the specific communication from your child’s teacher).

All parents are given an opportunity to “meet” with their child at this junction, though parents may elect to waive this meeting.

Student Cell/Smart Phones
Parents, please help us with reminding your child that if they have a cell/smart phone, that these devices must be put on silent and put away out of sight (in a pocket/in their backpack) when they are on the school property.

If your child uses their device for the Health Pass App, then they can take their device out at the 9:08am bell.  After being screened by a staff member, the device is to be put away again and not taken out until they are off school property.

There are times when staff will allow students to use their devices in class.  These opportunities will be supervised and related to learning/school work.

Students who do not follow these expectations may have to turn-in their device to our main office.  The device will then only be released to a parent.

We have reminded students on our announcements and in class but please assist us with reminding your child about these rules.

Thank you for reading,

Mr. B. Mah,

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Principal’s Update

27 Oct

Dear Summit Heights Parents,

Please make note of the following updates:

Evening/weekend Vehicle access (bus loop and parking lot)
Due to reports of vehicles illegally driving in our school yard, field and track in the evenings, we will be locking the chains to the access points by our parking lot and bus loop entrances.  The chains will be locked from 6:30pm and unlocked the next morning by 7:00am.

While we have reported these concerns to the TDSB security office, this extra measure will help keep these unwelcomed visitors off our property.  We take strong offense to people driving their vehicles on our school yard (pavement or grass areas) and on our track.  We hope by keeping these infractions out, it will also deter other unwanted visitors to our property during non-school hours.

You will still have access to our grounds by foot.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Parents, please review with your child:
Please remind your child that when they are on our school property, if they have a cell/smart phone, these devices should be put away (in a backpack, coat pocket etc) and put on silent.  If your child is using their device for the Health Screen Pass, then they are welcome to take their device out at the 9:03am bell.

Please also remind your child that at all recesses, students should be wearing their masks, even while outdoors.  If they elect to find a spot during recess where they are at least 2m away from anyone else, then they are welcome to remove their mask for a “mask break”.   Rest assured, our staff regularly takes their classes outside for mask breaks as well.

Students should still be practicing social distancing while outside (before school, at recesses and at dismissal).

Unfortunately, we have witnessed some students not following these important rules.  Our staff have reminded these individuals directly to comply, however repeat offenders will soon be given time-outs or be referred to our office for progressive discipline and remediation.  Please encourage your child to abide by these health and safety rules.

While we have reminded our students via the morning announcements and in class, we ask that you please help us by reviewing these points with your child(ren) at home.

Student absences & school work
A reminder, to report a student absence please call our school absence phone number 416-395-2923.

As discussed at the last SAC meeting and our staff meeting earlier this week, our staff will communicate with students (or parents) about what work has been missed during the absence – but please allow up to 24 hours for this communication.   Most staff have an online format (Google Class or Brightspace) that has this information already.  We do request that students (if old enough) or parents reach out to their teachers for this missed work as well.

Halloween Reminders
Students, staff (and parents!) are welcomed to wear a Halloween costume to/at school on Friday.  If your child is in costume on Friday, we ask that you send a change of clothes in the event they want to change out of their costume.

The COVID-19 mask policy is still in place, and Halloween masks should not replace PPE masks, nor be worn over a PPE mask.  TPH has also announced that Halloween parades should not take place in schools this year.

In years past, we have prohibited Halloween masks as we need to be able to identify our students for safety needs.  Likewise, “weapon-like” props are not permitted.  These rules are still in effect.

Because of the COVID-19 rules around sharing items, we also will not be permitting the sharing of any food/treats.  Classes may elect to host a party/celebration, but we are not to share food/treats or have a communal sharing of food/drink.

Staffing Update

We welcome our new head caretaker, Mr. J. Barnes to Summit Heights, and we wish Ms. L. Nagy (our previous head caretaker) the very best as she is now at Ancaster PS.

We also wish our Superintendent, Mr. L. Papathanasakis the very best as he is retiring from the TDSB as of October 30!  Welcome back to Ms. L. Curtis, who is stepping in as our acting Superintendent!

Thank you for reading,

Mr. B. Mah,

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2020 Curriculum Night

16 Oct

Dear Summit Heights Parents,

Our staff will be hosting the annual Curriculum Night next week (see the schedule below).  Given the circumstances of the ongoing pandemic, this year’s Curriculum Night will be virtual or via phone calls.

Our Teachers/RECE’s will be communicating specific details about their curriculum night, including the link to the virtual meetings or how to request a phone call.  Please be on the look-out for this communication from our staff.

2020 Curriculum Night Schedule

Teacher/RECE Date/time Format
Andrews Oct 20, 7:00pm and 7:20pm Virtual Meeting in Google Meets
Anton Oct 20, 7-7:20pm and 7:30-7:50pm Virtual meeting
Bates Oct 19 – Oct 23 Phone calls, by appointment
Bernstein & Eisen Oct 20, 6:30pm and 6:50pm Virtual meeting
Brock & Berberi Oct 22, 6:30-6:45 (Gr 4), 6:45-7pm (Gr 5), 7-7:15 (Gr 6), 7:15-7:30 (Gr 7) Virtual meeting
Chen Oct 20 & Oct 22, 6:00-6:30pm Virtual meeting
Clarke & Powell Oct 20, 6:00-6:20pm and 6:20-6:40pm Virtual meeting
Eschle Oct 20, 8:00pm Virtual meeting
Greco Oct 20, 7-7:20pm & 7:30-7:50pm Virtual meeting
Hunter Oct 19, 6:00pm Virtual Meeting
Irvine Oct 20, 7pm Virtual meeting on Zoom
Kellesis Oct 20, 8-9pm Virtual meeting
Khaja TBD based on need Video & live virtual meet
Kipka Oct 20, 7-7:20pm Info video & live virtual meeting
Marchiori & Kalimbet Oct 20, 7-7:20pm & 7:20 – 7:40pm Virtual meeting in Google classroom
Samson Oct 20, 6-6:40pm Virtual meeting
Schmitz Oct 20 – Oct 23 Phone calls, by appointment
Schonberger Oct 20, 8-9pm Virtual meeting
Shapiro Oct 20, 4-6pm Phone calls by appointment
Valdoria Oct 19 – 23 Phone calls by appointment

Thank you,

Mr. B. Mah,

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