Principal’s Update

23 May

Dear Summit Heights Families,


On behalf of our entire staff, we hope that you and your loved ones are continuing to be healthy and are coping well during these unprecedented times.  We sincerely miss your children and you!   Hopefully you have been receiving the emails from the TDSB, updates about safety measures in place in and around our school, the school closures, distance learning etc.   If you haven’t been receiving these emails, please email me (!

As announced by the Ontario Government, and the TDSB, our field is open for use now.  It may take another week day or so for our basketball hoops to be installed, but that too will be open for use.  Please note, playscapes remain closed, please be mindful of that if you’re visiting our school grounds.  On this same note, please remember that dogs are not permitted on our property.

The TDSB is currently working on a protocol to organize and grant access to schools for the retrieval of personal items belonging to students.  Please continue to be patient.  Once the plan has been developed and shared with school staff, we will organize and work to ensure that those who want to retrieve their items will have the opportunity to do so, before the summer.

Likewise, the board is working on a plan for the Term 2 Report Cards.  While our staff are working on these, a plan is being developed for the logistics of getting these into your hands.  As we know more, we will share more information.

Construction work has resumed at our school recently.  Crews have been on site, working to complete the new HVAC system in our gym.  There has also been work to bring our electrical system up to present day code.

Finally, you likely recall the upbeat and fun Xmovement initiative that SAC brought to our school this past year.  Xmovement has shared an online resource for you and your family to engage in!  These resources will help you and your family: 

– Learn new skills to deal with emotions and relationships

– Keep fit with activities like dance, mindfulness, sports, martial arts

– Stay busy and entertained with weekly family challenges and games

It’s easy to get started: 

  1. Go to this website:
  2. Click: “Start Your Free Trial”
  3. Select: “Family and Friends Membership”
  4. Enter your details (no CC required)
  5. When at Check-out – use this coupon code to activate the discount: SummitHeightsTDSBgift


Thank you for reading.  Wishing you continued good health,

B. Mah,


SHPS June 2020 “Virtual Talent Show”

19 May

Hello Summit Heights Community!

I hope this email finds you all well!

Every year students have the option of performing in the Summit Heights Talent Show. There is so much talent in our school and I would like to continue the Summit Heights tradition of having our year end talent show, but as you know, this year will be a little different…

I will be creating a talent show video, that will be posted to all three of my Google Classrooms at the end of the school year for the all the students to see (and this year, parents get to watch too)!

It will be a wonderful video that will showcase all the wonderful talent at Summit Heights.

If your child would like to participate in the talent show, here are the various talents that your child can choose to perform:

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Playing an instrument
  • Monologue
  • Magic tricks
  • Unique skills (e.g. juggling)
  • Comedy

So how will this work?

  1. Your child will need to submit a video of themselves performing their talent
  2. They will have 2 minutes or less to showcase their talent.
  3. They will need to introduce themselves before they begin their talent. They will need to say their name, what they will be doing and give credit to the artist that they are using (if using a song). Normally myself or Mrs. Greco would be introducing them, so it is very important they introduce themselves (or someone else can introduce them).
  4. Please have your child wait 5 seconds at the beginning of the video before they start and wait 5 seconds after they are finished before they turn off the camera. This is for editing purposes.
  5. You may perform with members of your family.
  6. Please send your videos to me through your child’s private account in my google classroom under Talent Show Video. You can attach the video like you are “turning in” an assignment. You may also send it through to my Summit email at
  7. Once the video is finished (TBA) it will be posted to my Kindergarten, Primary and Junior Google Classrooms for the students (and parents) to watch and enjoy!
  1. All videos must be submitted by June 5th. Late submissions will not be included.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT – Only students who submitted their media release forms can participate in the Video Talent Show

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message through google classroom. You can send me a private message through your child’s account under Talent Show Video or you can contact me at

There’s a link at the bottom of this email to a video of myself as an example on how to submit your video.

I am looking forward to seeing all the amazing talent!

Have Fun!

Mrs. Shapiro 🙂

The following link is a sample “Talent Show” video by Ms.Shapiro:  Click to Download


Parent Input for Class Placements

24 Apr

April 24, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The teaching staff and Principal will be holding placement and promotion meetings for students in late May.  The principles that govern and structure the process involve a consideration of several factors including, but not limited to; gender, special education needs, students’ abilities and strengths, students’ needs and learning behavior, and our students’ interaction patterns that enable them to work and learn together productively.

As with past practice, we also welcome input from parents. This optional input should be focused on the unique qualities of your child that we are not aware of.  Please see further below for the approved school model for September 2020.

Please note, we will not accept requests for specific teachers.  Input that makes mention of  specific teachers will not be considered during the placement process.

Parent input that follows the above guidelines will be given due consideration, but final decisions about class placement will be based on all of the factors listed above, and therefore might not entirely align with the submitted input.

If you wish to provide input regarding your child, please email the Principal using the following format:

Subject: Input for CHILD’s FULL NAME, Grade, Current Teacher’s Name

  • To promote equity in this process, please limit your input to 350 words or less.
  • Please send your input no later than Friday, May 15th, 2020


Students in Grades 1-7 will be informed of their class placement on the first day of school.  JK/SK students will be informed during their open house in late August (any who miss the open house will be informed on the first day of school).  We will communicate further details closer to the end of this school year of this process.

Thank you for your partnership.

Mr. B. Mah

Summit Heights PS
Approved School Model for Sept. 2020



Gr 1

Gr 1/2

Gr 2

Gr 2/3

Gr 3

Gr 4

Gr 4/5

Gr 5

Gr 6

Gr 6/7

Gr 7





Blue font denotes Gifted classes


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Greco Gazette (SHPS Library Update)

06 Apr
Greco Gazette One
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Virtual Library video (from Mrs. Greco)

28 Mar


Mrs. Greco would like to share this online video (on YouTube) for the TDSB virtual library.  Please have a look, and consider having your child(ren) visit the virtual library!

Thank you!

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Principal’s Update (March 26, 2020)

26 Mar

Dear Summit Heights families,

On behalf of the entire staff at SHPS, we sincerely hope that you, your family and all of your loved ones are healthy and coping well during these unprecedented times.  I’ve been in touch, several times, with our school staff, and I’m happy to relay that we, and our families, are all doing well, despite the situation that faces all of us.

Teachers have already reached out to their parents (and students) electronically before March Break, and during this week.  If you haven’t heard from your child’s teacher, please check your email.  Our staff have updated students and parents through various means (Google classroom, emails, Zoom video chat), so please be sure you are informed.

Likewise, the TDSB has sent a number of system wide newsletters.  You can find all of the correspondence on the board’s website at (scroll down, all of the newsletters are listed in the middle of the page).  In addition to accessing the various news reports around school closures, this is the web site that you should refer to for the most official board news about how long schools will remain closed and when they will resume.

On that note, as you likely know, Premier Ford announced this week that schools will not re-open on April 6th, 2020.  When we have more information, we will share that with you.

As previously communicated, and many of our teachers have shared these following links, the Ministry of Education and the TDSB have shared online links to help keep students engaged and learning during the closure period.  These links do not replace what students have been learning at school, but are intended to help mitigate the loss of learning during the school shut down period.

Ministry learning link:
TDSB learning link:

As mentioned, our staff have electronically reached out to you.  Part of the communication has included activities for learning at home.   The feedback from parents has been overwhelmingly positive and welcoming.  I thank our staff for their communicating, care and consideration for our students.  The well-being of our students is a top priority for our staff.  Parents, please refer to the resources at this TDSB link to helps support the mental health of your child:

The TDSB is using this week and next to gather information, assess needs and formulate plans about the continuation of learning.  When the plan is formalized, we will communicate again with you.

Parents, if you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.  If you have a question or concern about your child’s class, work, learning, please contact your child’s teacher.   There are also a good TDSB resource page, that answers a lot of questions and concerns.  The TDSB School Connects web site is at:

Again, the health and well-being of our entire school community (students, staff, parents, families) is our top priority.  We implore you to follow the directions of our municipal, provincial and federal governments (who follow the direction of our top health professionals).  Staying home as much as possible, and social distancing when you must go out, is extremely important.

Please visit the board’s web site for the most up-to-date news about school closures.  We will be in touch as we continue to move forward during these unprecedented times.


Wishing you good health,

Mr. B. Mah,


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