Principal’s Update

22 Oct

Dear Summit Heights Families,

Much of the beginning-of-the-year diagnostic assessments have been completed, as our staff have been steadily increasing their academic press in the classroom. Hopefully your child has talked with you about what they are learning at school. As many as you know, the Ontario Curriculum calls for students to demonstrate their learning and achievement in four areas;

  1. Knowledge and Understanding
  2. Thinking
  3. Communication
  4. Application

In regards to the first point, students demonstrate their Knowledge and Understanding by showing they know subject specific content (knowledge) and the comprehension of its meaning and significance (understanding). An example of this in a primary class would be a student sharing that a “noun” is a person, place or thing (knowledge), while being able to use a noun in a sentence, and identify it as such (understanding).

Over the next few weeks, we’ll cover the other three areas of achievement on our web site.


This past week has been the busiest yet at our school!

On Monday our first Pizza Day lunch of the year was held with much success! A huge thank you to the parent Pizza Committee, lead by parents Cara Bensimon and Elissa Hermolin.  At that same time, the ECO schools committee, organized by Mrs. Marchiori, had its first meeting as well.  We are looking forward to the continued success of our school’s efforts in helping to protect the environment.

On Tuesday, our Kids Literacy Quiz team competed at the TDSB meet.  There were 28 teams competing on quiz questions related to literacy.  Our team finished in FIRST PLACE!  Congratulations to the team and coaches Irvine and Bernstein!  The team moves onto the next stage – good luck!  Also on Tuesday, our grade 6 students were treated to a presentation from the CyberArts program at CH Best. Certainly many of our grade 6 students and parents are beginning to research and look at programs and options for middle school.  Please keep an eye out for news about information nights from middle schools on our web site.  Tuesday afternoon, our two kindergarten classes had a special visit from the Toronto Public Library.  We also had our second Fire Alarm Drill that afternoon.  We are pleased to say that our school responded well to the drill, with marked improvement from our first drill (particularly in the area of remaining calm and quiet outside while staff took attendance).

Wednesday was another busy day for students at our school. A small group of student leaders attended the huge MetoWe WE Day gala at the Air Canada Centre with Ms. Samson. This event was also held 13 other cities across Canada, the US and in Europe! We are looking forward to our Social Justice initiatives throughout the rest of the year.  As you know, we had our school photo day on Wednesday as well.  It was great to see our students looking their best on this day!  If your child happened to miss this event, the photo re-take day is scheduled for the afternoon of November 17.

Toronto Public Health set up shop by our office on Thursday, and during the afternoon our annual dental screening began. Screening will continue into next week and will likely conclude on Tuesday.  Students who are recommended for a follow up with their family dentist will receive notification stating as such.  We had our first parent seminar Thursday evening as well.  Ms. Catherine Bancroft spoke in front of a large and engaged parent-audience.  The main topic was how to build resiliency in raising your child.  We are certain those in attendance found the workshop worthwhile.  A huge thank you to parents Melissa Bien and Karen Wolff of the School Advisory Council for organizing the evening.  Thanks also to parents Alexandra Evans and Kendra Askew who initiated this endeavour as well as applying for the grant that funded this event.

The week was capped off with our 15 cross country runners who represented our school at the Conference Final meet. Coach Khaja reported that our runners gave it their best effort, despite the cold and rainy conditions, and everyone made it back to school safe and sound.  We were also honoured to have our school Trustee, Trustee Lulka, and Superintendent Curtis visit us Friday morning.  They were impressed with how engaged our students were in class, and how vibrant our halls and classroom walls were with student work displayed.

We also had a huge donation of brand new carpets delivered to our school on Thursday. Parent Aaron Kashin (of eFloor Specialty Flooring, 687 Caledonia Rd, donated 12 new carpets for many of our classrooms. We are very appreciative of Mr. Kashin’s generous donation to our school – thank you!

On a related note, a huge thanks to parents Dan and Kendra Thompson, who donated a large amount of card stock paper to Summit Heights. Thank you both very much!

Of important note from this busy week at our school, was the excellent behaviour and engagement of our students. Both the CyberArts presenter and the staff from Edge Imaging on photo day noted how cooperative and well behaved our students are.  This was also demonstrated during our Fire Alarm Drill.  I’m very proud of how well our students meet our expectations of behaviour.  A large part of that happens to do with our staff and our parent community for consistently setting high expectations of student conduct.  The partnership and same messaging between home and school is also an integral part of this success.  As we know, students learn best in environments where expectations and rules are adhered to.

While having a busy week doesn’t necessarily equate to success, it’s how our students and school community engaged in learning that made the week a success for all. Let’s remember that in the weeks and months to come.

Best wishes,

B. Mah, Principal.


Important Upcoming dates

(please check the “monthly calendar” link and add the school Google Calendar to your account!)


October 24 – Pizza Lunch

October 25 – SAC meeting (7 pm)

October 26 – K-Gr 2 Pumpkin Patch

October 27 – Walk to School Day

October 28 – Lunch Lady Lunch (Grad Fundraiser)

October 31 – Pizza Lunch


November 7 – Pizza Lunch

November 11 – Remembrance Day

November 14 – Pizza Lunch

November 16 – Progress Reports go home

November 17 – Photo Re-take Day

November 18 – PA Day

November 18 – Babysitting Course (enrolment required)

November 21 – Pizza Lunch

November 21 – Home Alone Safety Course (enrolment required)

November 23 – Grade 5’s @ Queens Park

November 25 – Lunch Lady Lunch (Grad Fundraiser)

November 25 – Grade 5’s @ City Hall

November 28 – Pizza Lunch

November 30 -SAC meeting (7 pm)