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03 Nov

Dear Summit Heights Families,

We hope that your start to November was smooth, especially after the excitement of Halloween, which many families in our community celebrated.

Cart of Fun!
Parents, as we have done at school (in class and on the morning announcements), please remind your child(ren) to use the Cart of Fun responsibly.  Thanks to Ms. Eisen, her team and SAC, the Cart of Fun has been restocked with balls, hula-hoops and other outdoor toys for students to play with.  Students should only borrow and use equipment designated for their grade (by colour).  Equally important, we ask that students return the equipment they have borrowed, so that others can use it at the next recess.  These are the specific details from Ms. Eisen:

  • every grade has a colour and may use ONLY the balls of its colour Grade 1 – yellow Grade 2- orange Grade 3 – red Grade 4 – green Grade 5 – blue Grade 6 – purple If a ball of a certain colour is not on the cart, it is either lost, not returned or broken.  They may not take a ball belonging to a different grade.
  • for each grade, there is 1 basketball, 1 soccer ball, 1 utility ball, 1 football and 1 foam frisbee
  • if a student takes a ball from the cart, it is his or her responsibility to put it back on the cart
  • if he or she is finished using it and gives it to someone else, it now becomes the new persons responsibility
  • students must return equipment as soon as the first bell rings- not second…

SHPS Annual Food Drive!

Download (PDF, 274KB)

Please also consider providing a monetary donation at the following link:

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