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08 Apr

Dear Summit Heights Parents,

Happy April!  Its hard to believe there are just a few months of classes left for this school year!  While that is the case, we have a lot of learning and school events still to come.

Two weeks ago, we had the Ontario Planetarium visit our school.  Each class had the opportunity to visit a mobile planetarium that was set-up in our gym for two days.  Students and staff crawled into the inflatable dome and took part in some fantastic science-based lessons, exploring the solar system and beyond!  A huge thanks to Mr. Eschle for organizing this event and SAC who graciously funded the entire visit from the Ontario Planetarium.


Students from Mr. Anton’s grade 6 class and Ms. Wright’s grade 5 class organized and ran the Fairness Assembly  on Friday March 23.  The students presented information and skits on Fairness, while classroom teachers awarded students from their classes that exemplified the Character Education of Fairness.  Congratulations to the presenters and all of the students recognized!

The school staff have had a number of professional learning opportunities in the last few weeks.  While the learning and work continues, our staff have attended interactive workshops on the TDSB Equity foundation (looking at “Implicit Bias” and how that affects our teaching and interactions at school).  Teaching staff also began the first of three sessions on Collaborative Inquiry (fostering student questioning, followed by the deep learning when answering the various questions), these sessions are lead by Mr. Cloyce Weaver who works at the Ministry of Education.  Our support staff (such as ECEs, SNA, Lunchroom supervisors) have had professional development on Autism Spectrum Disorder and how to better support students with that exceptionality.   Most recently, all of our teaching staff attended training on Gender Based Violence Prevention, which focused on the better understanding and thus better teaching practice, on gender related issues.   Just like our students, our staff continue to learn, grow and reflect throughout their journey at our school.

Last Friday, and continuing this week and next, expert dancer Diana Viselli and Ms. Mariah are at our school teaching all of our students Bollywood-inspired Dance!  Students will get to participate in interactive, high-energy dance in a safe and caring environment, while also being exposed to culturally-rich movement and dance.  Special thanks to Ms. Eisen for organizing this event, and SAC for their generosity in funding this amazing opportunity for our students.


A reminder that the next SAC (School Advisory Council, or “Parent Council”) meeting is this Tuesday evening in our library.  The school doors will be open at 6:45pm, while the meeting starts at 7pm and will end no later than 9:00pm. We hope to see you there!

This Wednesday is Pink Shirt Day!  This date is the International Day of Pink, and schools across the TDSB are encouraging staff and students to wear a pink shirt (and any other pink item of clothing) to show support for diversity and to put a stop to discrimination, gender-based bullying, homophobia and transphobia.  The International Day of Pink began when a student in a Nova Scotia high school was bullied because this student wore a pink shirt to school.  As a supportive response, hundreds of students showed up to school in pink shirts to stand up to the bullying!  Please support this very important stance by encouraging your child to wear a pink shirt on Wednesday April 11th, 2018.

Parents, thanks for stopping by and keeping up to date with the events at our school.  Together, we can support your child to be the best that they can be.

Until next time,

Mr. B. Mah,

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