Update regarding our school and the inclement weather

16 Apr

Dear Summit Heights Parents,

The following items apply to our school today (Mon. April 16, 2018) due to the inclement weather:

Hebrew School
Please note, the Monday after-school Hebrew classes are cancelled today.  Please arrange to have your child picked-up at 3:10 pm.  If you have arranged to have your child picked up by another adult (that is not on our contact list for your child), please send an email to Mr. Mah and indicate who is picking up your child today.

End of Day Routine (for today)
At the end of the day, students in Ms. Da Silva, Ms. Bates, Ms. Kipka, Mr. Craze, Ms. Kipka, Ms. Schmitz and Ms. Shapiro’s class will use the door between Ms. Schmitz and Ms. Shapiro’s class (near the entrance to the bus loop).

Students in all other classes will use our front doors to exit the building at the end of the day.

Please note, no classes are being held in our portables today.

Students who normally walk home on their own (e.g., some grade 6 students) may do so at the end of the day.

Signing out early/leaving school early
Due to the inclement weather, we are not allowing grade 6 students to sign themselves out today (during school hours or at lunch) even with permission from a parent.  If you want your grade 6 child to leave school early today, we require you (or another trusted adult, with your written permission) to pick up your child and sign-out at the office.

Thank you,

B. Mah