Principal’s Update (Sept 8, 2018)

08 Sep

Dear Summit Heights Families,

We had a good start to the new school year last week.  As with any school or organization, there were a few glitches that came up such as busing challenges, but overall we had a positive start where students returned to class happy, healthy and ready to learn.  Most of our first week was about reviewing routines, rules and expectations.  Many activities in class were also about “getting to know you” both for the teachers and staff to learn about their students and vice versa.

In the coming weeks, teachers will be administering a number of academic diagnostic lessons and activities, so that we can better understand where your child’s current knowledge.  Likewise, there is usually some review of the previous year’s material (such as math).  Parents, please continue to ask your child about their day at school, what was covered and what they are expected to know.  Likewise, encourage your child to be prepared for classes by having the necessary materials ready in their backpacks (each teacher would have reviewed what was needed for their class by now).

Parents, two packages of forms went home last week.  On the first day of school, forms from the school went home with your child (such as the Computer and Internet Use policy/consent, PHE form, local walking excursion form, lunch form etc.).   The first Friday File went home on Friday Sept 7.  This package contains many important forms from the various School Advisory Council (SAC or “Parent Council”) committees (e.g., pizza, universal donation form, class parent, e-mail list, etc).  Please return all of the forms, with your child to their classroom teacher, as soon as possible.

New to Summit Heights Parents are welcome to visit the school this Thursday (Sept. 13, 2018) from 6-7pm for the New Parent Tea.  This annual event, hosted by SAC, welcome new parents to our school and is a chance to meet the SAC executive members, other new parents and the school Principal.  We encourage all new parents to our school to come to this event, have a few light refreshments and meet some of our school community.

Immediately following the New Parent Tea is our first SAC meeting.  This meeting is open to any parent in our school community.  A number of items are discussed, all based on supporting our students.  While there are specific positions on the SAC council that have voting privileges to decide on a number of items, we welcome any and all input from parents.  This is the forum for parents’ voices to be heard, so please feel welcome to attend these meetings.  The agendas are posted at all of our major exterior doors usually a week before the meeting. should you wish to review the agendas.

As you have seen, our roof is being completely replaced.  The crew has been temporarily reassigned to another project, which helped us have a smooth start to the new school year.  They are scheduled to resume work starting the week of September 17, with approximately 14 working days left of work.

Finally, while it’s only been one week of school, a number of extra-curricular events have already begun!  Last week we had tryouts for the Jr. Girls’ and Jr. Boys’ soccer teams (thanks Coach Eschle and Coach Khaja).  Meetings were also held for the Social Justice League (thanks Mrs. Mercer, Mrs. Samson and Mr. Chen)!  Cross-country forms were handed out with preparation of training to start soon (thanks Coach Khaja and Coach Wasserman).  Some grade 6 students are organizing, with a staff member, to form a Yu-Gi-Oh club!  The first tryout for the school’s touch/flag football team is this coming Wednesday at lunch (for the position of Quarterback), Coach Hunter and Mah will be coaching.  We are also getting organized to have lunch-office helpers and student-morning-announcers (thanks to Ms. Greco for organizing this!).  As you can see, our school is chalk-full of events, with many more to come!

During last week’s morning announcements and opening assemblies, the key theme to start the year is a “positive attitude”!  If we can all approach school, and life, with it’s many challenges and ups and downs, with a positive attitude, we can persevere and be successful!

Thank you for reading,

Mr. B. Mah,

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