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03 Mar

Hello Summit Heights Families,

February proved to be a month that is more typical of Canadian winters!  We had snow, high winds, ice on the ground and cold temperatures, and for the first time in many years, a snow day!!!  Your child may have mentioned that for a number of weeks in February, we had a hybrid recess – students in grades 1-6 were given the option to go outside (but remain on our pavement area) or stay indoors in the gym (or library if the gym wasn’t available).  Those who stayed indoors brought their own quiet activities (reading, homework, board games), while supervised by staff.  We’re pleased to say this hybrid recess helped reduce the number of ice-related recess incidents.

Academically, the school staff were engaged in a Professional Learning Community last month.  The PD centered around providing students more choice when working on a product (i.e., assignment) at school.  This goes hand in hand with also fostering more student voice, whereby students begin to have some more influence in the material they are learning about.  Certainly, this doesn’t mean the curriculum isn’t covered, but there are many ways students can demonstrate their learning, besides for example, a test.

We are hosting three teacher-candidates from OISE/UofT.  Ms. Viazmina (with Mr. Anton’s class), Ms. Kyrollos (with Ms. Bates’ class) and Ms. Allen (Mr. Khaja’s class) have been welcomed additions to our school last month.  They finish up their teaching block at Summit Heights this coming week.

February was also the month when the first Term Report Cards were sent home.  The final report card will be sent home during the last week of school in June.

Our grade 6’s and SK students took their Graduation photos last month.

During the last week of the month, SAC hosted their annual online auction. We hope you were able to look over the many auction items and hopefully bid on them as well!  During this same week, Rodrigo of Casava Drumming again returned to our school to begin two weeks of upbeat music workshops!

February also saw a number of school teams finish up their seasons.  The Girls’ Volleyball team, co-ed floor hockey team and ice hockey teams all competed and finished up their seasons.  Congrats to all of our student-athletes and a huge thank you to the coaches involved (Schmitz, Eisen, Valdoria, Hunter, Kellesis and Mah)!


DO NOT park/stop in the accessible parking spots (commonly referred to as Handicap parking) unless you have a valid accessible parking pass.  A number of parents have been using these spots to stop and drop-off, do NOT do this.  We have had someone who legally uses the spot not have access because others have illegally stopped/parked in these spots.

Once again, DO NOT park in the intersection on Delhi nearest to our school yard gate.  Many students cross the street in that intersection, and parked cars pose a serious danger (potentially collisions and obstructing lines of sight).  Likewise, DO NOT park in the wrong direction on Delhi, please park along with the flow of traffic.


Upcoming Events in March

Mar 4 – Pizza Lunch

Mar 4 – SAC meeting (7-9pm)

Mar 8 – Casava Drumming workshops conclude

Mar 11-15 – March Break

Mar 18 – Pizza Lunch

Mar 21 – Head-Hair screening

Mar 25 – Pizza Lunch

Mar 27  – Vow of Silence

Mar 29 – Earth Hour (2-3pm)

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