Vow of Silence

26 Mar

The Vow of Silence

On Wednesday, March 27th, Summit Heights will be taking a Vow of Silence. This is an event during which teachers will lead their classes in silence.

Some children do not get to use their voices and speak up for themselves. That’s obviously not fair, so Summit Heights is joining forces with We Charity (formerly called Free the Children) to say, “They don’t get to use their voices? Well, neither will we!”

We will need your family’s help! Please bring in a donation of $2-$5 on Wednesday, March 27th. You donation will purchase a sticker that will explain why you are silent. All proceeds will go to We Charity’s work to protect the rights of children in countries around the world.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support of this important cause.



The Social Justice League

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