Coyote Sighting @ SHPS

04 Sep

Dear Parents/Guardians,

At approximately 7:30 this morning, a coyote was seen near our school property. Fortunately, because it was early this morning, there were no students at the school when the coyote was seen. As a precaution, we reported the sighting to Animal Services at the City of Toronto.

While coyotes are cautious and non-confrontational by nature and it is not unusual to see these animals in many parts of our city, it’s important to take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of students and staff.

We contacted the City of Toronto’s Animal Services unit to report the sighting and receive advice and tips on next steps. School staff has been, and will continue to be, especially watchful for wildlife during the school day. We have reviewed safety tips with staff and students and want to also share some information from the City’s Animal Services unit with you so you know what to do to discourage wildlife visitors and when to contact the City:

  • Coyotes are drawn to places where they can find “easy pickings.” You can help discourage these animals from visiting backyards.
  • Never feed coyotes! Do not leave any type of food outdoors for any animal, including food for house pets.
  • Make sure you keep your green bin in a secure area until collection day. 
  • While it is not uncommon to see a coyote, you should call 311 if you see these animals exploring a home or building far from a park or open area, approaching dogs or people, or behaving unusually.

On behalf of our school, please:

  • Ensure your child comes to school on time and with other students.  If late, please ensure they are accompanied. Students should not be coming in late alone. 
  • Reinforce safety precautions with your child.
  • Do not leave food in the playground. Caretakers will be cleaning up the yard immediately after school. 

For more information, visit, click on wildlife, then coyotes.

As always, please contact the school should you have any questions or concerns.


Mr. B. Mah,

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