Mid-November Update from your Principal

17 Nov

Staffing Update
   We like to welcome Ms. Andrews back, and thank Ms. Villella who was here in Ms. Andrew’s absence.  Likewise, we’d like to welcome Mlle. Gazey, who returns for half days (am).  Mme. Istrate will continue to be teaching core French for the full-day, in Portable 1, along with Mlle. Gazey for the time being.

Thank you and farewell to Ms. Hyoojoo, one of our lunchroom supervisors (who was also a staff member of the Before/After care). Hopefully Hyoojoo will return to our staff again!

Morning Drop-off
A reminder that supervision in our school yard, for students in grades 1-6, begins at 8:25am until entry (8:40am).  Parents may drop off their child to our supervision starting at 8:25am (in the school yard).  Kindergarten students should be supervised by their parents/care-givers until entry (at 8:40am).

Please note that the school’s front doors, during the morning entry, is only for kindergarten students and late Grade 1-6 students.

Parents, thank you for your cooperation with parking on Delhi and your kind conduct in our parking lot.  Things have improved (almost everyone stops/parks in the correct direction on Delhi in the morning, and drivers are courteous and kind in our parking lot) during the morning drop-off.  Thank you for your efforts everyone!

Dogs in school yard
While we recognize many community members use our yard for their dogs after hours and on weekends, dogs on our yard are not permitted.

This past week, with snow on the ground, it was obvious there were numerous  patches of discoloured snow in our yard, including in our in our kindergarten play area.  Naturally, our students often roll around, pick-up, and play in the snow.

Please do your best to not only not walk/unleash your dog in our school yard, but discourage your neighbours from doing so as well.

Playing with Snow at recess
This certainly has been one of our “earlier winters” in Toronto in recent memory.   As such, we have reminded students a number of times over our morning announcements and in class, about our rules of safe snow-play.

Please remind your child:

  • Snow is not to be thrown/kicked at any person or at any thing
  • There’s no sledding/sliding down our hills (a child can go ‘down’ a hill if that’s on their way to another location in our field, but not back up and down etc)
  • The snow belongs to everyone (forts, giant snowballs are not the sole property of any individuals/groups)
  • Snow is for building, not destroying (i.e., do not destroy forts/snow structures)

Students who do not abide by these rules will receive an immediate, short, time out outside.  Repeated conduct results in a detention in the school office.  Our school has also ‘closed the field’ when there are too many conflicts over snow.

While we understand playing with snow, and all that is winter-related at school, is really fun and memorable, safety is always first.

Thank you for your understanding,

Mr. B. Mah,

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