Parent Input for Class Placements

24 Apr

April 24, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The teaching staff and Principal will be holding placement and promotion meetings for students in late May.  The principles that govern and structure the process involve a consideration of several factors including, but not limited to; gender, special education needs, students’ abilities and strengths, students’ needs and learning behavior, and our students’ interaction patterns that enable them to work and learn together productively.

As with past practice, we also welcome input from parents. This optional input should be focused on the unique qualities of your child that we are not aware of.  Please see further below for the approved school model for September 2020.

Please note, we will not accept requests for specific teachers.  Input that makes mention of  specific teachers will not be considered during the placement process.

Parent input that follows the above guidelines will be given due consideration, but final decisions about class placement will be based on all of the factors listed above, and therefore might not entirely align with the submitted input.

If you wish to provide input regarding your child, please email the Principal using the following format:

Subject: Input for CHILD’s FULL NAME, Grade, Current Teacher’s Name

  • To promote equity in this process, please limit your input to 350 words or less.
  • Please send your input no later than Friday, May 15th, 2020


Students in Grades 1-7 will be informed of their class placement on the first day of school.  JK/SK students will be informed during their open house in late August (any who miss the open house will be informed on the first day of school).  We will communicate further details closer to the end of this school year of this process.

Thank you for your partnership.

Mr. B. Mah

Summit Heights PS
Approved School Model for Sept. 2020



Gr 1

Gr 1/2

Gr 2

Gr 2/3

Gr 3

Gr 4

Gr 4/5

Gr 5

Gr 6

Gr 6/7

Gr 7





Blue font denotes Gifted classes


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