Year end Principal’s Update

25 Jun

Dear Summit Heights Families,

On behalf of the entire staff, we sincerely hope that you and all of your family members are remaining healthy and coping well given what is going on in the world today.  We also thank you for your support of your child(ren) and our staff, particularly during the distance learning and school closures.  I can assure you that during that time, the entire staff would have preferred to be physically in the building, teaching and interacting with the students if that were possible.

So we are at the end of another school year, a year that was certainly unlike any others in our lifetime.  I sincerely hope that with time, we can all look back and perhaps share a laugh and recall good memories about this past year.

Best wishes and congratulations to our Grade 6 students in the Gifted Program who had an online graduation this week.  These wonderful students will not be returning to our school in September, though we hope to see them again and hear about their new adventures in their new schools!  We are also looking forward to the first year of the regular Grade 7 program at our school!

Congratulations to our Senior Kindergarten students as well!  We’re excited as they embark on the journey of Grade 1 and beyond!

We hope that you were able to view the virtual Talent Show this past week.  Thank you to the students who displayed their talents, including dancing, joke-telling, magic tricks, singing and more!  A huge thank you to Ms. Shapiro for yet again coordinating this fantastic event!

In terms of September, we have formed a staff committee that has agreed to meet and plan over the summer.  The committee is waiting on the Provincial Government to announce the final plan for September.  The TDSB will certainly also inform us of protocols and expectations, and in turn our school committee will plan, organize and communicate.  We will post the plan on our school’s website and email you as well.

The communicated plan will also provide details about what the first day of school will look like, including what doors the students should enter on the first day, and how they will find out what class/teacher they have been assigned.  Please note, parents of JK and SK students will receive a notice directly from the classroom teachers before the school year begins with more direction and information.

Also please remember that our school bell/schedule has changed.  Starting on September 8, 2020, the bell schedule will be:

8:55am – school yard supervision begins

9:08am – “line-up” bell

9:10am  – school day begins

10:20-10:35am – morning recess

11:55am-12:55pm – lunch and lunch recess

12:53pm – “line-up” bell

12:55pm – afternoon classes begin

2:15pm-2:30pm – afternoon recess

3:40pm – end of school day

Our school website will be updated over the summer (including these new bell times), so please be patient as we work through the changes.

We hope that you were able to view the well-wishes/happy summer video from our staff to all of you.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to view the video, you can by visiting this link:

Once again, on behalf of our entire Summit Heights staff, we wish you good health and a safe, enjoyable and restful summer.


Best wishes,

Mr. B. Mah,


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