Principal’s Update for Sept 14, 2020

14 Sep

Dear Summit Heights Parents,


On behalf of the entire Summit Heights staff, we hope that you and your family had a wonderful summer, one where positive memories were made and excitement grew with the anticipation of the first day of school.

Our staff have been busily preparing for the coming school year.  We’re also excited to see our students, who are ready to learn and connect with friends, and help them as they continue their success and growth at school.  For those joining us for the first time, we welcome you with open arms (while socially distancing of course) to our SHPS family.

There is no doubt that this September and start to the school year is like no other in recent history.  We are sailing in uncharted waters, but we’re in this together and are ready to receive your child at our school.

If you haven’t already done so, please download the two pdf’s on our website that deal specifically with the start of school and the health and safety measures in place.  You can find the pdf’s at: at

There is a lot of information for parents and students.  Our staff will review the most pertinent details with our students in class.  This information will be repeated, and in cases where possible, practiced and rehearsed.

There is going to be a vast amount of change to our regular routine, from logistics (like our bell-times), to teaching (students will work mainly individually, and our access to technology has been limited) to the personal interaction and communication – since we are all wearing masks, we’re losing things like seeing others smile.

Please be sure you either have the “now mobile” app on your smartphone, or have printed and sign/dated the Health Screening Paper Pass.  You can download the paper pass and get more information on the app at:

While the measures in place may seem quite severe, the health and safety of everyone in our school (and in that regard, the health and safety of those whom our students and staff live with) is of the utmost concern and importance.  As such, we will adhere to the stipulations set out by Toronto Public Health and the TDSB in regards to screening of students.  Please understand, while we understand that sending your child home due to screening or Covid-like symptoms is a major inconvenience, we will not gamble with the health and safety of the people in our building.  Your understanding and support in this matter is greatly appreciated.

We will continue to make adjustments as TPH and TDSB continue to update and inform us on this ever-changing situation.  For the latest information, please visit the TDSB web site at: 

In terms of our staff, we congratulate Mrs. Vender on her retirement!  We also congratulate Mr. Minniti who was successful in attaining a permanent teaching job with the TDSB.  We welcome Ms. Clarke and Mlle. Berberi (teachers) and Ms. Vanier and Ms. Parish (SNAs) to our staff.  In addition, we welcome back Ms. Mihaela and Ms. Safiya (lunchroom supervisors) back to our staff!  Welcome as well to Ms. Bernice and Mr. Alim, new lunchroom supervisors to our school.

While things will be different this school year, we are all in this together.  Working as a team, we sincerely hope that your child(ren) has the happiest and most successful start to the school year ever!


Yours in partnership,

Mr. B. Mah,


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