2020 Curriculum Night

16 Oct

Dear Summit Heights Parents,

Our staff will be hosting the annual Curriculum Night next week (see the schedule below).  Given the circumstances of the ongoing pandemic, this year’s Curriculum Night will be virtual or via phone calls.

Our Teachers/RECE’s will be communicating specific details about their curriculum night, including the link to the virtual meetings or how to request a phone call.  Please be on the look-out for this communication from our staff.

2020 Curriculum Night Schedule

Teacher/RECE Date/time Format
Andrews Oct 20, 7:00pm and 7:20pm Virtual Meeting in Google Meets
Anton Oct 20, 7-7:20pm and 7:30-7:50pm Virtual meeting
Bates Oct 19 – Oct 23 Phone calls, by appointment
Bernstein & Eisen Oct 20, 6:30pm and 6:50pm Virtual meeting
Brock & Berberi Oct 22, 6:30-6:45 (Gr 4), 6:45-7pm (Gr 5), 7-7:15 (Gr 6), 7:15-7:30 (Gr 7) Virtual meeting
Chen Oct 20 & Oct 22, 6:00-6:30pm Virtual meeting
Clarke & Powell Oct 20, 6:00-6:20pm and 6:20-6:40pm Virtual meeting
Eschle Oct 20, 8:00pm Virtual meeting
Greco Oct 20, 7-7:20pm & 7:30-7:50pm Virtual meeting
Hunter Oct 19, 6:00pm Virtual Meeting
Irvine Oct 20, 7pm Virtual meeting on Zoom
Kellesis Oct 20, 8-9pm Virtual meeting
Khaja TBD based on need Video & live virtual meet
Kipka Oct 20, 7-7:20pm Info video & live virtual meeting
Marchiori & Kalimbet Oct 20, 7-7:20pm & 7:20 – 7:40pm Virtual meeting in Google classroom
Samson Oct 20, 6-6:40pm Virtual meeting
Schmitz Oct 20 – Oct 23 Phone calls, by appointment
Schonberger Oct 20, 8-9pm Virtual meeting
Shapiro Oct 20, 4-6pm Phone calls by appointment
Valdoria Oct 19 – 23 Phone calls by appointment

Thank you,

Mr. B. Mah,


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