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EQAO results, Parking/stopping on Delhi Ave, Recess Inclusion

10 Oct

Dear Summit Heights Families,

EQAO results:
Results for the Spring 2019 EQAO (grade 3 and 6) are now public.  Please visit this site for the specific retuls for Summit Heights:

  • please note there is a tab in the middle of the page to toggle between the Grade 3 and Grade 6 results
  • for the specific Spring 2019 results, click on the “School Report (PDF)” on the right side of the page


Drop-off/pick-up along Delhi Ave:
DO NOT park in the intersection on Delhi nearest to our school yard gate.  Many students cross the street in that intersection, and parked cars in the intersection pose a serious danger including potentially striking pedestrians and obstructing lines of sight.

Likewise, DO NOT park in the wrong direction on Delhi, please park along with the flow of traffic.  As you know, pedestrians and drivers’ decisions often count on predictability and patterns of other drivers on the road, and a car parked in the wrong direction can disrupt that predictability.

Your cooperation is needed to help ensure the safety of our students and community.


Inclusive Play and +/- one grade level at recess:
It has been a long standing recess rule at our school that students can play with others who are of the same grade or +/- one grade.  This is based on safe play (wider age/grade differences between students often results in unfair and potentially un-safe play).  As you can imagine, for example, grade 6 students who are physically, cognitively and emotionally ahead of grade 2 students shouldn’t be playing a soccer match against each other.  Please note, it is certainly fine that students of any and all grades talk with one another during recess, it’s only when they ‘play’ a game (e.g., soccer, tag, grounders etc) that this rule is in effect.

Further to this on-going rule, we expect students to say “yes” when another student asks to play with their group.  If a child isn’t playing safely or by the rules, the child should be reminded about the rule/asked to play safely.  If after that reminder the child continues to not play by the rules/play safely, then that child may be asked to leave the game.

Last year we introduced a “buddy bench” to our school yard.  Students who are looking for others to play with can sit on the bench, which will indicate to others that this person is looking for others to play with.  We expect students to be on the look out of our buddy bench and invite others to play!

Finally, some students have used the term “alone recess”.  This refers to a situation where a group is asking an individual to join them in play.  The individual has the right to say ‘no thank you’ and have an alone recess. However, this term shall not be to exclude others from group play (e.g., a group of students can’t say to one student that ‘they are having an alone recess’ and exclude the individual who is asking to play).


Thank you for reading!

Mr. B. Mah,



Principal’s Update

06 Oct

Please visit the TDSB’s web site for the most up-to-date and accurate information about the possible CUPE strike,


CUPE and the Province have reached a tentative agreement – schools will be open tomorrow (Mon. Oct 7, 2019).   


Dear Summit Heights Families,

We wanted to extend our thanks to our students, staff and parent community for making the start of our new school year successful and smooth.  We were pleased with how our students were able to transition from summer to school seamlessly.  Students were able to get back into the many school routines that help with safety, learning and the overall function of our school.

The first week of school was about routines, expectations, rules and procedures.  On the second day of school, students attended their first assembly of the year where overall  school routines were reviewed.

The first fire alarm drill was held during the second week of school.  Students and staff performed the drill very well, exiting the building by the closest exit, while doing so quietly and calmly.  Part of the drill includes taking attendance outside, a safe distance from our school.  Once all students are accounted for, a double bell rings and classes come back into the building.

During that second week of school, thanks to our School Advisory Council (aka: SAC or “Parent Council”), students were screened for pediculosis.  The staff from The Lice Crew will be back after the winter holidays and again after March Break.   Our school also held our first of two “lock down” drills.  In this case, it was a “hold and secure”.  This was a simulation where there is a potentially dangerous situation in the neighbourhood  – so no one was allowed to enter/leave the building/portables, but life indoors carried on as usual, until the drill was over.  We’re happy to say that our school performed the drill well.

SAC hosted their annual New Parent Tea on the evening of September 12, which was followed by the first SAC meeting of the year.  We were happy to meet a number of new parents who were able to attend the evening.

Our school’s annual curriculum night was held on Sept. 19th.  Parents were encouraged to come and meet their child(ren)’s teacher, and get a better feel of expectations, homework and other related classroom routines.  September 19th was also the day for the Me to We Conference or “WE Day”, which was held at the Scotia Bank Arena.  Mr. Chen and a number of our Social Justice League were able to attend this motivational rally for youth empowerment, global change and student voice.

Officer Shari (Police Constable Spivak from the Toronto Police Services) who is our community liaison officer, visited on September 25th.   Officer Shari met with our grades 4-6 students.  Her assembly focused on problem solving, conflict management and safety.

The end of the month was very busy for our school.  On September 26th, Ms. Irvine/Mr. Schonberger’s Grade 6 class hosted our first Character Education Assembly.  It was based on the theme of September, Respect.  Students from each class were presented with certificates honouring them for their exemplary demonstration of Respect throughout September.    During the evening, SAC hosted our annual Welcome Back BBQ/Carnival.  Hundreds of students, parents and community members were in attendance.  Kids played on inflatables, while adults looked on with smiles and laughter.  We had two food trucks, donuts, balloon art, a photobooth,  and even the Magen Boys DJ and dancers on site as well!  Thank you to the SAC social committee for their amazing work in organizing this fun-filled event!

September 27th was Orange Shirt Day, and due to the rain on the 26th, it was also our Terry Fox Run/Walk.   The vast majority of our school wore Orange to raise awareness of the Reconciliation Process.  Our school also ran and walked in honour of Terry Fox and to raise money for cancer research.  Thank to you to the Social Justice Committee (lead by Mrs. Mercer and Mr. Chen) for organizing our educational efforts in Orange shirt day, and Mr. Anton and Ms. Magnani for taking the lead on our Terry Fox run/walk.

In addition to all of the great events listed above, our school also had school teams and clubs form in September.  Those include:  boys and girls soccer, boys’ touch football, co-ed cross country, robotics club (First Lego League), Social Justice League, a meeting for potential school ice hockey, library helpers and office helpers.  We also have a rotation of grade 6 students who lead our morning announcements.

We’re looking forward to the continued success of our students in academics, athletics and arts in the upcoming months.

Key Dates in October:

Oct 7 – First Pizza Lunch

Oct 10 – Touch Football team tournament

Oct 11 – PA Day (no classes)

Oct 14 – Thanksgiving (no classes)

Oct 15 – Pizza Lunch

Oct 15 – Cross Country Conference Finals (@ Earl Bales)

Oct 16  – IEPs sent home

Oct 17 – Girls’ Soccer Tournament

Oct 18 – Boys’ Soccer Tournament

Oct 21 – Federal Election

Oct 21 – Pizza Lunch

Oct 23 – Officer Shari assembly (K-Gr 3)

Oct 23 – “Screen-agers” movie viewing for students and parents

Oct 23 – SAC meeting (7-9pm)

Oct 24 – Cross Country City Finals (@ Centennial Park)

Oct 28 – Pizza Lunch

Oct 29 – Character Education Assembly

Oct 30 – Pumpkin Patch (JK/SK)


Thanks for visiting!

Mr. B. Mah,


CUPE Labour Update

03 Oct

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you are aware, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) announced that its members will take further job action on Monday, October 7, 2019, if a new collective agreement is not reached through negotiations with the province and the Council of Trustees Associations. The new job action will be a full withdrawal of services, which is otherwise known as a strike or a walk-out. Over 18,000 employees will not be at work for the duration of the strike, which is almost half of the Toronto District School Board’s employees. Most of these employees work in schools.

If this job action commences as scheduled, the Board will close all schools for all students on Monday, October 7, 2019 and for the duration of the job action. While we understand that this is a challenging time, parents will be required to make alternate arrangements for their children. This is not a decision that we made lightly and we have explored every possible contingency plan to keep schools open. Student supervision and safety are our top priorities and without the important services of these school-based employees, we cannot guarantee that our learning environments will remain safe and clean for all students.

Employees, who are members of CUPE, provide critical daily services, including (but not limited to):

  • building and school ground safety and security;
  • lunch room supervision;
  • educational support in full-day kindergarten classrooms;
  • supervision and support for students with special needs;
  • safe water checks;
  • washroom and water fountain cleaning;
  • heating system operations; and
  • safe arrival programs.

During this job action, all non-CUPE employees will continue to report to work in schools and administrative centres.

In addition to the closure of schools for students, the following programs and services will also be impacted should the strike action commence on Monday:

Third-Party Licensed Child Care Operators in TDSB Schools

During the full strike action when schools are closed to students, third-party child care operators located in TDSB schools will be permitted to remain open. However, operating hours have been adjusted to 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. It’s important to note that the decision to open or close will be made by individual child care operators. Please contact your child care operator directly to confirm and for more information.

Most of the services provided by licensed child care operators are not directly impacted by the CUPE strike. However, some TDSB CUPE employees have responsibilities related to the opening and closing of these child care facilities. With limited management staff to fill in these roles, we are doing our best to keep these child care operations open, but with limited operating hours.

TDSB Extended Day Programs

During the full strike action when schools are closed to students, TDSB-operated Extended Day Programs will also be closed to all families. This child care service is operated by CUPE employees. Parents/guardians will be refunded for any closure during the labour disruption. See the full list of TDSB-operated Extended Day Programs.


During the full strike action, all school permits are cancelled, including authorized recreation programs.

Continuing Education

During the full strike action, all continuing education classes are cancelled. This includes Adult ESLAdult High SchoolsCredit ProgramsCommunity Programs/Learn4Life, and International Languages Elementary/African Heritage.


The following meetings will be cancelled during the full strike action: school council meetings, advisory committee meetings and ward forums.

While the TDSB is not directly involved in the provincial negotiations, the Board remains hopeful that a new agreement will be reached before Monday, October 7, 2019. If an agreement is reached, schools will open as usual on Monday.

We are committed to providing an update to all parents/guardians over the weekend.

For ongoing updates and the latest information, please continue to check and follow @tdsb on Twitter.



Welcome back to a new school year!

31 Aug


Dear Summit Heights Students, Parents and families,

On behalf of our entire school staff, we wish our community a warm, friendly and excited “welcome back to school“!  We are excited to see our students, both new to our school and returning, on the first day of school (Tuesday, September 3rd).

On the first day of school, staff will be in the school yard by 8:25am, greeting students, parents and families.   Students will enter at the 8:40am bellFor more specific details on the entry routine on the first day of school, please scroll down to the blog entry “Principal’s Update” dated July 4.

If your child is bused to our school, we will have staff on site to receive them when they arrive on the school bus.  The students will then be asked to walk around to the school yard.

The first day of school can be a very exciting, memorable and momentous occasion for all involved.  Please understand, that for the smooth functioning of our school, parents and caregivers are asked to say their goodbyes outside (i.e., please stay outside during/after the students have entered the school).  If the weather is not cooperative on the first day of school, school staff will provide guidance about our indoor morning entry during inclement weather.

Parents, if you are new to our school please review the links on the right side of this web site.  The links provide a great deal of general information, routines, procedures and rules about Summit Heights.

If you haven’t already done so, please follow us on Twitter (@SummitHeightsPS).  Our Twitter feed is updated more often than our web site.  If you don’t have twitter, you can still see our tweets which are “re-tweeted’ on the top right corner of this web site.

We are also pleased to announce the following staff who have joined our SHPS faculty this September:

  • Mr. Cabacungan (teacher)
  • Mr. Yazdani (teacher)
  • Ms. Magyari (office assistant)
  • Mr. Heilig (evening caretaker)


Our Google calendar is linked from this web site, please check it out regularly.  To help with what September will look like, here are some key dates:

  • Sept 3  – First Day of School
  • Sept 6 – Friday File goes home
  • Sept 10 – Head lice Screening
  • Sept 12 – New Parent Tea (6pm)
  • Sept 12 – First School Advisory Council (aka: Parent Council) meeting (7pm)
  • Sept 19 – Curriculum Night (details to follow)
  • Sept 26 – Welcome Back BBQ (5:30pm)
  • Sept 30 & Oct 1 – Rosh Hashanah (classes continue as usual)
  • Oct 9 – Yom Kippur (classes continue as usual)


We are looking forward to seeing all of you on September 3, 2019.


Mr. Mah,

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Principal’s June Update

04 Jul

Dear Summit Heights Families,

You are hopefully well underway in enjoying your summer by the time you’re reading this!  The Summit staff sincerely hopes that the summer break is/has been a wonderfully restful, enjoyable, memorable and safe break!  During our last staff meeting of the year, we reflected on the past school year.  While there are always bumps in the road, the 2018-2019 school was a success in many areas, and overall, it was a successful school year!  We want to congratulate our SK and Grade 6 graduates on their momentous transition to Grade 1 and middle school.  We send our congratulations to all of our students for finishing the school year.  A huge thank you to our dedicated and skilled staff for making this year such a success. Finally, a heartfelt than you to our parent community for their support, time, effort and involvement in our school – our success is very much related to the support of our parent community.

For those students/families not returning to our school, we wish the very best at your new school.  We hope you will look upon your time at Summit Heights with fondness and that you are able to use what you learned at our school as building blocks for the future.  Likewise, we’d like to wish the following staff the very best, as they will not be returning to Summit Heights in September: Ms. A. Wasserman (music), Ms. P. Campione (office clerical), Ms. M. Villella (Grade 5/6 Special Education, LTO), Mr. A. Diallo (Core French, LTO), Ms. E. (supply SNA), and Ms. Mihaela, Ms. Safiya, and Ms. Darya,  (Lunchroom supervisors).   Our best regards also to Superintendent Curtis for her retirement!

For all of our returning students, school begins on Tuesday, September 3.   Our staff will be outside in the school yard, beginning at 8:25am to welcome you back!  Parents, please see below for the first day procedures (and how students will meet their new teachers and classmates on the first day of school).

To all of the new students/families joining our school for the first time, please review the links on the right side of this web site.  There is a wealth of information that covers many routines and logistics that are important to the safe and orderly function of our school.

June was a busy month for our school.  We had several celebrations (SK graduation, Grade 6 Graduation, Volunteer Appreciation breakfast, Staff Appreciation lunch, school BBQ) and a good deal of school wide events as well (play day, talent show, character education assembly, Toronto Metro Zoo excursion) not to mention taking part in cheering for our Raptors as they won the NBA championship!

June was an important month for our ECO Team!  Not only were they awarded a Gold standard for our school’s ECO endeavours, after months of planning and preparation, the kindergarten-garden was officially opened at a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Again, congratulations to the ECO team and our entire school community who supported the very important message of reducing, re-using and recycling.  Special thanks to Home Depot (Dufferin/Steeles location) and TD Bank for their support in labour and funding for making the kinder-garden possible.

June was a great way to end our school year.  We celebrated a lot of hard work by our school community, and said thank-you’s and farewell to many.  Wishing everyone a wonderful summer break, and looking forward to seeing you on September 3.



First Day of School – Finding out Class Placements

JK & SK students
Parents will (or have already) received information to attend a welcome/orientation to Kindergarten that will take place during the last week of August (the week before school starts).  Students/parents will meet in the school library, and then meet their teacher/ECE, and have a chance to visit the classroom.  Depending on the classroom teacher, some students/parents (if they are returning back to the same classroom/teacher) may be asked to skip/not attend the orientation.  Please be on the look out for communication from our kindergarten staff.

On the first day of school (from 8:25 to 8:38am), kindergarten students (and their parents/caregivers) are asked to line-up in their class line outside of our front/main doors.  In the event of inclement weather, the line-up may take place inside in our hallway (though parents/caregivers will be asked to wait outside due to space limitations).  When the 8:40am bell rings, the students (only) will be asked to come inside and begin their day in their classroom.

Grades 1-3 students
Students in Grades 1-3 are asked to gather by the primary entry doors and be ready to enter the school at 8:40am.  Please note, staff will be outside supervising starting at 8:25am.  We will post a sign on the doors as a point of reference for the “primary doors”.  In the event of inclement weather, students will be come into the building and wait in the hall, supervised, until the 8:40am bell.
Our staff will be on hand to help guide students (only) into the building at 8:40am.  Grades 1-3 students will be accompanied to the gym, where they will sit in grades.  Starting with grade 1’s, students will be called to join their new class, and then accompanied by the classroom teacher to walk to their new classroom.

Grades 4-6 students (regular and special education “Gifted”)
Students in grades 4-6 are asked to gather at the junior doors and be ready to enter at 8:40am.  Please note, staff will be outside supervising starting at 8:25am.  We will post a sign on the doors as a point of reference for the “junior doors”.  In the event of inclement weather, students will be come into the building and wait in the hall, supervised, until the 8:40am bell.
Our staff will be on hand to help guide students (only) into the school at 8:40am, starting with grade 4 students, followed by the grade 5s and eventually the grade 6 students.  As they enter the building, the staff will guide students to their classroom.  Students in the gifted program will be guided to walk to the school library, where their classes will be formed (and then accompanied to their new classroom with their teacher).


Thank you for reading!  Have a wonderful summer, we’ll see you on September 3rd for another great year at Summit Heights!


Mr. B. Mah,

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Kindergarten Garden Ribbon Cutting Ceremony! (Mon. June 24 @ 3:20pm)

23 Jun

We would like to invite teachers, parents, students and neighbours to come out for a brief ribbon cutting ceremony for our new Kinder”garden” on Monday, June 24 at 3:20 pm.

The bank manager from the Wilson and Bathurst T.D. branch who presented us with the funds to purchase our planters and the Home Depot crew  (from the Dufferin & Finch location) who volunteered their time to do all the physical labour will also be attending. We would also like to thank the teachers and students who painted the planters and planted the plants in our garden. We hope to see you on Monday!


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