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Festivals of Light schedule (Dec 13, 2018)

10 Dec

Summit Heights Festivals of Light

Thursday, December 13, 2018


Teacher Name Performance Details Location Time & Duration
Greco Scholastic Book Fair Library 5:30-7:15
Shapiro Singing Performance Room 15 6:00
Bower Singing performance Gym 6:10
Marchiori Singing performance Room 1 6:00
Bates Singing Performance 4 6:00,  6:30
Valdoria Singing Performance 2 6:00, 6:30
Schmitz Singing Performance 6 6:00, 6:30
Kipka Singing Performance 7 6:00, 6:30
Andrews Singing Performance 5 6:00, 6:30
Khaja Singing 10 6:00, 6:30
Hunter/Irvine Singing performance 13 6:00, 6:30
Kellesis Arts & Crafts (Ornaments) 12 6:00-7:00
Anton Crafts 11 6:00-7:00
Mercer Song/Ukulele Performance (in the gym please)

Board Game Cafe


Rm. 3 (with 8)

6:00-6:10 in GYM 6:10-7:00 in

Room 3 & 8

Chen Classroom Wall Art, Board Game Cafe Rm. 8 (with 3) 6:00, 6:30
Samson Dragon’s Den P3 6:00-6:30
Eschle Holiday Family Feud P2 6:00-7:00

Principal’s Update

04 Dec

Dear Summit Heights Parents,

Happy December!  While we’re looking at just two and a half weeks of classes before the Winter Break, November came and went – but it was a very busy month for our students at Summit Heights.

In early November, some of our core French classes learned the curriculum through a Pizza Nova workshop that came to our school!  Students learned about pizza making ‘en francais’, putting their vocabulary to the test.

As you know, students received their progress reports in mid-November.  These reports were to give a gauge of how our students are performing so far.  We use these reports to set goals and work with our students, and parents, to help develop next steps to further their learning and growth.  Many parents were able to attend the parent-teacher interviews to discuss these progress reports as well.  Please note, the Term 1 Report Cards (which will have marks for grades 1-6 students) will be sent home in mid-February.

You may have saw on Twitter that we also conducted our third practice fire-alarm drill last month.  We’re pleased to say that our students, staff and visitors exited the building in a calm and orderly fashion.  We reminded our school that the last person leaving any class or room during such a drill should turn off the lights and close the door, and for our students, any fire-alarm drill isn’t “over” until they are back in their class after the double bells have run to signal to come back into the building.

Thanks to SAC, Jungle Sport once again returned for a week of fun-filled climbing, swinging, and traversing-rope activities in our gym!  Our students, from JK to grade 6, were given a number of classes in the gym to learn about teamwork, trust, and building self-confidence while working through the climbing and ropes courses set up by Jungle Sport.  The gym was also open for adults in our school community to experience Jungle Sport!  A huge thanks again to our SAC for funding this fantastic event, and to Ms. Bernstein for creating the schedule during the week!

November 27th was the date of November’s SAC meeting.  A number of topics were covered, including a Treasurer’s report, Curriculum Enhancement Fund, revamped school logo, Principal’s report, Fundraising update and a summary of the Pumpkin Patch that happened in October.  We welcome and encourage all of our parents to attend these meetings.  The next meeting is Wednesday, January 16th, 2019.

As mentioned, with just a few weeks of classes in December, this coming month’s events will happen soon!  Here’s a list of what’s coming up in December:

Dec 6 – Character Trait assemblies

Dec 7 – PA Day (no classes)

Dec 10 – Pizza Lunch

Dec 10 – 14 – Scholastic Book Fair

Dec 13 – Festivals of Light (6-7pm) – more details to come soon!

Dec 14 – Tov Li Lunch

Dec 17 – Pizza Lunch

Dec 22Winter Holidays begin!

Jan 7 – Classes Resume


PART – Postponement of Public Meetings

27 Nov

Download (PDF, 506KB)


Program Area Review – Public Meetings

14 Nov

Sent on behalf of The TDSB, Trustee Lulka and Summit Heights PS:


Dear Parents and Members of the School Community,

A Program Area Review Team (PART) has been established for the William Lyon Mackenzie CI southern cluster of schools.  This review will include the following schools: Dublin Heights E&MS, Faywood ABC School, John Polanyi CI, Ledbury Park E&MS, Summit Heights PS, and William Lyon Mackenzie CI.

A PART is a Trustee-approved process undertaken when changes to the grade configuration of a school (excluding changes to grade configurations of French Immersion or Extended French programs and programs for students with exceptionalities); and the establishment of new schools or new specialized programs are being considered.

Please note that school closures are not part of the scope of this or any Program Area Review.

The review is seeking public input about the proposed secondary school boundary change.  Public meetings are scheduled to take place on:

Tuesday, December 4, 2018
William Lyon Mackenzie CI
20 Tillplain Road, Toronto M3H 5R2
7:00 – 9:00 pm


Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Faywood ABC School
95 Faywood Boulevard, Toronto M3H 2X5
7:00 – 9:00 pm

Community voices are an important part of this process and I hope that you will be able to actively participate as a community member.  Please go to  for the latest information about the review.

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Principal’s Update

04 Nov

Dear Summit Heights Families,

We had a jammed packed month of October at our school!  We had a number of school events, many of our school teams completed their seasons, new clubs started up, classes went on excursions, and so much more!

At the beginning of the month the staff held our annual Curriculum Night.  Parents came to visit their child’s class to get to know about the curriculum, class routines and the teacher’s expectations.  The SAC organized lunch-hour programs began the second week of October with over a dozen activities to choose from!  Pizza lunch, also organized by SAC, started up with weekly Pizza lunches.  The annual Pumpkin Patch was a huge success as well this year!  On October 30th our kindergarten students were treated to a pumpkin patch on our front lawn, while also participating in a number of curriculum based activities.   A huge thanks to the parent committee/volunteers, lead by Alanna, Gillian and Julia, for organizing this great event!

Like in past years, our community Police Liaison Officer, Officer Shari, visited our school.  Officer Shari was able to host a number of assemblies, catering to the age levels of our students.  She covered topics ranging from who the Police are (for kindergarten students) to inclusion and anti-bullying (for our junior students).

Our school had it’s annual Photo Day on October 17 (and not to worry, the photo re-take day is scheduled for November 15th).

As you know, our school was a site for the municipal election held on October 22nd.  We’re pleased to report that the day went smoothly from our school’s side of things.

The ECO school club organized our first “Walk to School Day” on October 19th – thanks to everyone who were able to walk to school on this day (and every other day!).

In terms of school teams,  the boys soccer team and co-ed touch football teams finished their seasons in October with grit, effort and sportsmanship.  The co-ed cross-country team also finished the season with a strong showing, and a huge congrats to Bram who competed in the city championships for cross-country!  The girls’ soccer team capped off their season with an amazing showing at the Conference level, capturing the Championship banner for Division 2!  Congrats girls – way to go!!!!  Huge thanks to the many coaches of the aforementioned teams, including Mr. Eschle, Mr. Khaja, Mr. Hunter and many more!

The month wrapped up with students (and staff) dressed up in a variety of great costumes for Halloween!  It was great to see so many members of our school have some fun, express themselves and get into the spirit with their creative and fun costumes.

November will surely be another busy month with a lot of learning in our classes, plenty of activities and events!

As you know, our SAC updates our school Google calendar on a regular basis. You can find the link to the calendar on the right link page on this web site (you can also find instructions on how to add the calendar to your mobile device).

Here are some dates/events for November:

Nov 7 – Pizza Nova Workshop (portable one with Ms. Brock)

Nov 14 – Progress Reports go home

Nov 15 – Photo Re-take Day

Nov 15 – Evening Parent-teacher Progress Report Interviews

Nov 16 – PA Day & Morning Parent-teacher Progress Report Interviews

Nov 20 – SAC Meeting (7-9pm)

Nov 26-30 – Jungle Sport



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Tov Li Lunch – date change (NOW Thurs. Nov 15th NOT Fri. Nov 2nd)

30 Oct

The first Tov Li lunch that was scheduled for Friday November 2nd will be moved to Thursday November 15. Given the field trip for the grade 4 and 5 classes on November 2nd, it was decided to change the date to Thursday November 15th  to accommodate all the students.

 A reminder message for the first Tov Li lunch will be sent prior to November 15th. We apologize for any inconvenience

 Marla and Wendy

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