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Update regarding our school and the inclement weather

16 Apr

Dear Summit Heights Parents,

The following items apply to our school today (Mon. April 16, 2018) due to the inclement weather:

Hebrew School
Please note, the Monday after-school Hebrew classes are cancelled today.  Please arrange to have your child picked-up at 3:10 pm.  If you have arranged to have your child picked up by another adult (that is not on our contact list for your child), please send an email to Mr. Mah and indicate who is picking up your child today.

End of Day Routine (for today)
At the end of the day, students in Ms. Da Silva, Ms. Bates, Ms. Kipka, Mr. Craze, Ms. Kipka, Ms. Schmitz and Ms. Shapiro’s class will use the door between Ms. Schmitz and Ms. Shapiro’s class (near the entrance to the bus loop).

Students in all other classes will use our front doors to exit the building at the end of the day.

Please note, no classes are being held in our portables today.

Students who normally walk home on their own (e.g., some grade 6 students) may do so at the end of the day.

Signing out early/leaving school early
Due to the inclement weather, we are not allowing grade 6 students to sign themselves out today (during school hours or at lunch) even with permission from a parent.  If you want your grade 6 child to leave school early today, we require you (or another trusted adult, with your written permission) to pick up your child and sign-out at the office.

Thank you,

B. Mah


Principal’s Update (April, 2018)

15 Apr

Dear Summit Heights Parents,

The School Play is this Wednesday!
This Wednesday marks the culmination of months of script writing, set and wardrobe creation, rehearsals and practices and hours upon hours of hard work, as our school musical is set to hit the stage!  As you likely know, this year’s play is an original piece of work, co-written by our students and staff!  We are all very excited to see the work in action as our students are ready to act, sing and dance this Wednesday night!  The play is set to start at 6:00pm at the Yorkwoods Public Library theatre, located at 1785 Finch Avenue , North York.  As previously communicated, the play is asking for a “pay what you can” for the play’s program.  Please also note, tickets have already been issued for this event, please ensure you have your ticket when you arrive.

To all the actors, “break a leg” (that’s theatre-speak for good luck!)!  A huge thanks to Ms. Brock, Ms. Greco, Ms. Shapiro for leading this year’s play.  Likewise, thanks to Ms. Bozin, Ms. Mercer, Ms. Da Silva, Mr. Brock, Mr. Chen, Ms. Eisen & Ms. Bates for helping out during the evening, behind the scenes!

Sibling Photo Day (for the yearbook)
Edge Imaging will be at our school on Friday, April  20th to take photos of all SHPS siblings for our school yearbook.  All students who have a sibling at SHPS will be asked to pose for a photo.  Families with students who fall under this category are under no obligation to purchase a photo or package of photos/materials from Edge Image, however if you would like to order such materials, please fill out the flyer that was sent home earlier.  Likewise, any parents who want their child to take an individual photo with Edge Image are welcome to, and can indicate such by returning the complete flyer.

Summit Heights Open House
Our Spring Open house is set for Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 @ 6:00pm.  Parents and families are invited to visit their child(ren)’s classroom and take part in an interactive session of getting to know what our students are learning at Summit Heights.  Each classroom will have selected a focus to present/have available for your visit!  We hope to see you on May 3rd!

Open meeting to discuss school model
On April 10, Mr. Anton and I presented the school model at the School Advisory Council (SAC or “Parent Council”) meeting.  During the next few days a number of parents, who were unable to attend the SAC meeting, requested meetings to better understand the model and the decision making process.  We invite any and all parents to attend a meeting on Thursday, May 3rd at 5:30pm in the school gym, during which time members of the staffing committee and I will again present the school model and the reasons on why this model was chosen.

Thank you for visiting,

B. Mah,




Principal’s Update

08 Apr

Dear Summit Heights Parents,

Happy April!  Its hard to believe there are just a few months of classes left for this school year!  While that is the case, we have a lot of learning and school events still to come.

Two weeks ago, we had the Ontario Planetarium visit our school.  Each class had the opportunity to visit a mobile planetarium that was set-up in our gym for two days.  Students and staff crawled into the inflatable dome and took part in some fantastic science-based lessons, exploring the solar system and beyond!  A huge thanks to Mr. Eschle for organizing this event and SAC who graciously funded the entire visit from the Ontario Planetarium.


Students from Mr. Anton’s grade 6 class and Ms. Wright’s grade 5 class organized and ran the Fairness Assembly  on Friday March 23.  The students presented information and skits on Fairness, while classroom teachers awarded students from their classes that exemplified the Character Education of Fairness.  Congratulations to the presenters and all of the students recognized!

The school staff have had a number of professional learning opportunities in the last few weeks.  While the learning and work continues, our staff have attended interactive workshops on the TDSB Equity foundation (looking at “Implicit Bias” and how that affects our teaching and interactions at school).  Teaching staff also began the first of three sessions on Collaborative Inquiry (fostering student questioning, followed by the deep learning when answering the various questions), these sessions are lead by Mr. Cloyce Weaver who works at the Ministry of Education.  Our support staff (such as ECEs, SNA, Lunchroom supervisors) have had professional development on Autism Spectrum Disorder and how to better support students with that exceptionality.   Most recently, all of our teaching staff attended training on Gender Based Violence Prevention, which focused on the better understanding and thus better teaching practice, on gender related issues.   Just like our students, our staff continue to learn, grow and reflect throughout their journey at our school.

Last Friday, and continuing this week and next, expert dancer Diana Viselli and Ms. Mariah are at our school teaching all of our students Bollywood-inspired Dance!  Students will get to participate in interactive, high-energy dance in a safe and caring environment, while also being exposed to culturally-rich movement and dance.  Special thanks to Ms. Eisen for organizing this event, and SAC for their generosity in funding this amazing opportunity for our students.


A reminder that the next SAC (School Advisory Council, or “Parent Council”) meeting is this Tuesday evening in our library.  The school doors will be open at 6:45pm, while the meeting starts at 7pm and will end no later than 9:00pm. We hope to see you there!

This Wednesday is Pink Shirt Day!  This date is the International Day of Pink, and schools across the TDSB are encouraging staff and students to wear a pink shirt (and any other pink item of clothing) to show support for diversity and to put a stop to discrimination, gender-based bullying, homophobia and transphobia.  The International Day of Pink began when a student in a Nova Scotia high school was bullied because this student wore a pink shirt to school.  As a supportive response, hundreds of students showed up to school in pink shirts to stand up to the bullying!  Please support this very important stance by encouraging your child to wear a pink shirt on Wednesday April 11th, 2018.

Parents, thanks for stopping by and keeping up to date with the events at our school.  Together, we can support your child to be the best that they can be.

Until next time,

Mr. B. Mah,


Principal’s Update (March)

19 Mar

Dear Summit Heights Parents,

The staff and I hope you and your family and friends had a fantastic March Break!  The first day back to class was a bit cold outside, but the sun was shining and our students got right back to learning!  Many classes were working on some element of sharing what they did over the break.  There were some students who were still away on vacation – we encourage those students to connect with their teachers upon their return to class and catch up missed work.

In the weeks leading up to March Break, we had a number of significant events occur at our school.

On Friday March 2nd, the junior classes had their annual Beach Blast excursion.  As you may recall, this event was postponed due to weather cancelling TDSB buses in late December.  As luck would have it, we had snow again on March 2nd, but thankfully it didn’t affect the transportation to or from the indoor beach volleyball venue.

Thursday March 8th was the date for the annual Vow of Silence, organized by the Social Justice League along with Mrs. Mercer and Mr. Chen.  On this day, students and staff (where possible) vowed to not use their voices at school to raise awareness and understanding that many children and young people around the world, particularly girls, do not have many basic human rights nor a “voice” in their environments.  Students raised donations for the WE charity, an organization that provides direct support to young people around the world.  For more information please visit

We were delighted to have a special guest author visit our school on the Friday before the break.   Classes who have Ms. Brock or Ms. Eisen for drama/dance attended a special assembly where Avi Slodovnick, author of the book “The Hockey Card” hosted a special reading of his book.  Mr. Slodovnick spent time vividly telling students about the reasons why he wrote his book, and inspiring students to write as well!

Author Avi Slodovnick reads “The Hockey Card” to SHPS students

During this first week back the grade 5/6 bench ball house league begins during the last recess.  Students are encouraged to listen to the morning announcements as well as check the schedule posted by the gym.  Thanks to Ms. Eisen for organizing this fun tournament!

A reminder that head-lice screening will take place this Thursday morning.  Thank you to SAC for organizing and funding this important event.

Finally, this coming Sunday is Earth Day.  The TDSB will observe our own earth hour on Friday from 2:00-3:00pm.  During this time all non-essential lights, technology and energy-using machines will be turned off at our school.  In fact, all schools and TDSB sites are being asked to do the same across the board – all in the name of raising awareness to climate change and also to make a tangible difference in our energy consumption.

Thanks for reading!

Mr. B. Mah



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Principal’s Update

13 Feb

Dear Parents & Guardians,

A reminder that the First Term Report Cards will be going home with your child tomorrow (Wed. Feb 14th, 2018).  While the progress report you received in the fall had an indication as to how your child(ren) were doing in a general view, this Term 1 Report Card will have marks (for students in grades 1-6) and more detail remarks.  All students from JK to Grade 6 will be receiving a report card (unless your child recently joined our school).

Teachers have reached out to parents, where there is a need, for a report card interview.  Parents who have contacted their teacher may also request a meeting.  These meetings take place Thursday after school/evening (Feb 15) and Friday morning (Feb 16), though some teachers may have scheduled interviews at other times and dates.

As you know, there are many events happening at our school.  This Friday is a PA Day, and Monday is Family Day.  You can continue to stay on top of events by visiting our Google Calendar, the link is on the right side of this web page.

Many school clubs continue to run on a weekly basis including the Social Justice League (with Mrs. Mercer and Mr. Chen), Pathfinders (with Mr. Buckingham), ECO schools (with Mrs. Marchiori), the Robotics Club (with Mr. Chen), and the school play (with Ms. Brock, Ms. Greco, Ms. Bates).

Some of the newer events, clubs running at our school include a morning soccer club (with Mr. Eschle and Mr. Khaja) and a morning basketball club (with Mr. Khaja and Mr. Chen).

We’ve had a number of school teams complete their seasons recently.

The Kids Lit Team competed in their competition last week.  They competed against nearly 100 other teams from across the TDSB on literature knowledge.  We are very proud of the team who finished in the top 20!  Thanks to Mrs. Greco and her team of teachers for working with our students!

Mrs. Eisen completed the primary Bench Ball house league last week.  Students competed in very spirited games of bench ball during the pm recess, with lots of good sportspersonship and athleticism!  Way to go students!

The Girls’ Volleyball team finished their season last week.  The girls played with passion, energy and great attitudes, way to go girls!  Thanks to Mr. Anton and Mr. Kellesis for coaching the team this year.

The co-ed ice hockey team finished their regular season today with a big “under-dog” win against Allenby PS today, winning 4-3!  The team is awaiting to hear about their playoff outlook.  We are very proud of the team’s progress and how well they represented our school on the ice this year.  A huge thanks to Coach Kellesis (and Mr. Mah). Special thanks to parent-volunteers Mr. Siegel, Mr. Benayon for helping behind the bench as well as Mr. Yu, Mr. Kozak and Mr. Miller for score-keeping when called upon.

Our school recently had a 4-day session of table tennis/ping-pong during our PE classes, compliments of the staff from Human Moves.  The staff held up-beat, fun and cooperative table tennis sessions for all for our classes in our gym.  The students (and even staff) had a great time during these sessions.

This week, master drummer Frederick Kwasi Dunyo ( began his sessions of working with all of our students on African Drumming!  Kwasi will be with us over the next few weeks and leading interactive, fun, informative lessons on drumming, dancing and singing!  This special opportunity is funded by you, our parents, via the Parent Council – thank you parents for this great experience for our students!

Thanks for reading!

Mr. B. Mah,

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Kindergarten Registration for September 2018

25 Jan

Dear Parents,

Starting school is an exciting time for your child. Our schools provide a rich learning environment for all children to learn and grow.

In the Kindergarten program, your child will develop their skills and abilities through inquiry and intentional play-based learning that includes math, science and literacy. Teachers and early childhood educators plan learning experiences where children are actively engaged in learning and thinking creatively.

Please note:

  • Only parents or legal guardians can register a child for TDSB programs.
  • There is a separate process to apply for optional attendance. This also applies to children who currently attend a child care within a school but live outside the attendance area for that school. If you wish to register your child at an elementary alternative school or elementary academy, please contact the school directly for more information about requirements and the registration process.

Registration for all TDSB Kindergarten students, for September 2018 takes place in February.  Parents, you have the option of fully registering your child in-person at Summit Heights PS on Thursday, February 22, 2018 (by appointment), or beginning the registration process online (which will make the in-person registration portion quicker).

Please call the school (416-395-2920), speak to Ms. Magnani to make an appointment on February 22, 2018.

Visit the TDSB Kindergarten registration web site at:, the online registration system opens on February 1, 2018.

Admission Eligibility Requirements:

The age at which a child is eligible to attend and/or must attend school depends on whether their date of birth falls on/before or after the first day of school (September, 4, 2018).


Age 4 (born 2014)
Birth Date Jan 1 – Sept 4 would be in Junior Kindergarten
Birth Date Sept 5 – Dec 31, would be in Junior Kindergarten

Age 5 (born 2013)
Birth Date Jan 1 – Sept 4, would be in Senior Kindergarten
Birth Date Sept 5 – Dec 31, Options: Junior Kindergarten (*delaying Senior Kindergarten until the next school year) OR Senior Kindergarten

Age 6 (born 2012)
Birth Date Jan 1 – Sept 4, Grade 1 (attendance is mandatory)
Birth Date Sept 5 – Dec 31, Options: Senior Kindergarten (*delaying Grade 1 until the next school year) OR Grade 1

* please note, should you wish to choose the option of delaying, your child would advance to the subsequent grades in sequential order (i.e., there is no option of ‘skipping’ a grade in the future).


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