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Reminder: St. Andrews Junior High Info Nights (this week!)

09 Jan

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Festivals of Light (Thurs. Dec 14, 2017)

05 Dec

Dear Summit Heights Families,

We are pleased to share the schedule for our annual Festivals of Light extravaganza that will be taking place at Summit Heights PS during the evening of Thursday, December 14, 2017.

To kick things off, our scholastic book fair will be open at 5:30pm.  The bakesale will also be running throughout the evening.  You’ll notice that Grades 1-6 classes will have two performances, this allows families with more than one child at Summit Heights an opportunity to view more than one performance.

A huge thank you to our staff for preparing their students to sing, dance, act and perform!  Thanks also to Mrs. Greco and the school’s Arts committee for organizing this event.

We hope to see you on December 14th!

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St. Andrew’s JHS Info Nights (for Sept 2018)

05 Dec

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Principal’s Update

19 Nov

Dear Summit Heights Families,

The staff and I continue to be amazed at the amazing efforts, wonderful success and fantastic talents that your children display on a daily basis.  Students are communicating their learning in a wide variety of ways in our classes.  We see student work displayed on walls and in our classes.  Students are often performing or presenting, and are working in small groups on assignments or learning at a table with their teacher on a daily basis.  We hope that you continue to have daily conversations with your child about what they are learning in class, and what they hope to learn on that given subject.

Dental Screening
Toronto Public Health will be at our school this week to begin the annual dental screening.  Parents can have their child opt out of this screening if they have communicated to their child’s teacher, in writing.  Classes will be called to the screening throughout the week.

Pizza Lunch
As usual, Pizza Lunch continues on Monday.  A huge thank you to the Pizza Committee chairs (Cara and Elizabeth) and their team of parent volunteers, for making this event possibly on a weekly basis!

SAC Meeting
The next School Advisory Committee meeting (aka “Parent Council”) is this Tuesday, November 21.  All parents and guardians are warmly welcomed to attend this meeting, which begins at 7:00pm in our school library.

Be Alert when on our School Yard
Parents, caregivers, please be mindful and alert when on our school yard/field for ‘flying sports equipment’ like balls and other toys.  We have reminded our students to be careful when playing sports and to yell out “heads” or “heads up” if their ball/equipment is headed towards an unsuspecting person, though your awareness would help as well.  Thank you.

Annual Fall Food Drive
Thank you so much for your amazing support of donations (both monetary and food items) for our annual Fall Food Drive!  While we wait for the final results, the staff are certain this is one of the best years in recent memory for this event – thank you so much for your generosity SHPS community!  A huge thanks to the Social Justice League, and Mrs. Mercer, Mr. Kellesis and Mr. Chen for their work in organizing this important, and successful event!

Tour for Humanity
Last week, the Tour For Humanity tour bus visited our school on Monday and Tuesday.  The bus came with staff and a high-tech presentation that our grades 4-6 classes were able to visit for an hour lesson.  Our students learned about some important elements of World History, primarily the Holocaust.  Thank you to our SAC for providing this opportunity!

Major A. Lunn visit
A sincere thank you to Major A. Lunn from the Canadian Armed Forces, who visited Summit Heights on November 10th, 2017 as part of our Remembrance Day education and ceremonies.  Major Lunn provided authentic and meaningful information of the importance of Remembering and information about the CAF.  Lest We Forget.

Thank you for visiting,

B. Mah, 

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Trustee Lulka’s Ward Forum

14 Nov

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Annual Fall Food Drive update

14 Nov

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