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Remembering Howard Kaplan

11 Apr

Statement from Chair Robin Pilkey and Director of Education John Malloy on the Passing of Trustee Howard Kaplan

It is with heavy hearts, that we announce the passing of Trustee Howard Kaplan.

 We know that all Toronto District School Board Trustees and staff join us in expressing our sincere condolences to Howard’s family, friends and colleagues at this very difficult time.

 Howard was first elected in 2010 as the School Trustee for Ward 5, York-Centre. From early years programming to special education, Howard was passionate about public education and was a strong believer in equity in education.

 In his memory, flags at all buildings across the Toronto District School Board will be lowered to half-staff. In the coming days, we will be looking at how best to celebrate Howard’s life.

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Presentation at W.L.Mackenzie

11 Apr

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Festival of Lights

09 Dec

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Progress Report Update

06 Nov

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Message from Principal Closner

24 Sep

Whenever possible we encourage parents and guardians to walk to school with their children. 

If you are driving to school we ask that you park on one of the side streets as our school parking lot is quite small and most spaces are needed for the school staff.  If you are driving into the lot to make use of the ‘Drop Off Zone’ please ensure that you drive slowly and with caution and drop your child(ren) off at the back part of the lot near the fence opening.  Please do not leave your car running, when you need to park please do so in a legal parking spot.  If parking in the school lot is absolutely necessary please back up with caution and open doors carefully.

We have two handicapped parking spaces on the side of our parking lot.  We do have individuals in our community that require the use of the handicapped parking spaces.  Please do not use the handicapped parking spaces as a drop off area.  These spaces are reserved for individuals with a valid disabled person parking permit issued by the Ministry of Transportation and displayed on the dashboard.

A number of students at Summit Heights are brought to and from school each day on the school bus.  In the morning students are dropped off at Summit and then the school buses continue to another school to bring other students to their school.  When parking on the street please be mindful that the school buses are large and need room to turn onto Armour.  If possible please try to avoid parking close to any of the entrances and exits to the school’s driveways.

Please follow the above guidelines to ensure the safety of our school community.

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Summit Says – February 2013 – Principal’s Message

01 Mar


It is difficult to believe that February is already over.  Our Summit students have had many valuable and educationally worthwhile learning experiences both in and outside the classroom so far this year.

As Term 1 came to a close, it was gratifying to see parents and teachers working together during the parent/teacher interviews.  We value your efforts in continuing the important and positive partnership between school and home.  As Term 2 is beginning, this is an opportunity for all students to reflect on their achievements, to set goals for improvement, and to begin working towards those goals.

It has been a cold winter and at our school we are often asked how we decide whether it’s too cold to allow our students out in the schoolyard for recess.

Fresh air and exercise are important for children in all seasons. It keeps them physically fit, and helps them stay alert all through the school day. Parents can help by making sure your children come to school prepared to spend time outdoors. Hats, mitts, boots, snowpants, a warm jacket and extra socks are important to keep students comfortable during lunch and recess.

But extreme cold can be dangerous, and we know you want to be assured that your children will be safe. Elementary school students are kept indoors for recess and lunch times for a number of weather conditions such as rain, lightning in the area, extreme winds and extreme cold. When temperature and wind chill measure -28C or lower, students are kept indoors. Recesses and lunch hour may be shortened if the temperature and wind chill reading is between -28C and -20C.

Canadian winters can be wonderful, but when the weather is cold, we keep one eye on the thermometer and the other on the needs of our students – a perfect balance of fun and safety.

The March Break is almost upon us.  This is a great opportunity to explore all the many attractions that Toronto has to offer and to experience a different type of learning with your children.  We hope that during the upcoming break you will also have a chance to rest and to visit with friends and family.  March Break runs from March 11th to March 15th.  Students will return to school on March 18th, refreshed and ready for Spring.

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