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September staffing changes

18 Jun

Updated June 27, 2017

Dear Summit Heights families,

As we draw closer to the end of the school year, changes in staff occur as well.  There are number of staff changes for our school that will take place at the end of this year and into September.

A number of acronyms are used in the lists below:

LRS = Lunch Room Supervisor
SNA = Special Needs Assistant
EA= Education Assistant
ECE= Early Childhood Educator
LTO = Long Term Occasional

The following staff will not be returning to our school in September.  We thank them for their service, dedication and care during their time at our school, and wish them the very best!  Fond farewell to:

  • Mr. Heng (currently our head caretaker), will be retiring after 30 years of service to the TDSB!
  • Mrs. Irvine (currently pm Core French teacher), will be going on a leave of absence.
  • Mlle. Sherry (currently pm Core French teacher), will be full time at Lester B Pearson PS
  • Ms. McIntosh (currently ECE), will be on maternity leave
  • Mr. Iliopoulos (currently LTO, Grade 5 teacher), LTO ending June 30
  • Ms. Kusnir (currently LTO, Gr 5G teacher), LTO ending June 30
  • Ms. Sussman (currently support Teacher), will be full time at Hollywood PS
  • Ms. Guirestante (currently pm SNA), will be at Downsview PS
  • Ms. Goldman (currently LTO am EA & LRS), LTO ending June 29
  • Ms. Safiya Qalinle (currently LTO LRS), LTO ending June 29
  • Ms. Daniela Ionescu (currently LTO LRS), LTO ending June 29
  • Ms. Layefsky (currently LTO office assistant), LTO ending July 7


We also welcome the following staff who will be joining our school staff starting June 30th.  We are excited to announce, and warmly welcome the following:

  • Ms. Eisen (teacher, currently on leave)
  • Ms. Schmitz (teacher, currently at SHPS in the morning, who will be with us full-time)
  • Mr. T. Kellesis (teacher, currently at Dunlace PS)
  • Ms. T. Gazey (teacher, currently at Hollywood PS)
  • Ms. B. Vender (SNA, currently at Fayewood ABC School)
  • Ms. T. Christie (EA, currently on leave)
  • Ms. Cathy Peck (LRS, currently at Rockcliffe MS)
  • Ms. Mihela Roman (LRS, currently on leave)

Throughout the following weeks and during the summer, there may still be staff changes.  This post will be updated to communicate such changes.

Please note, the tentative teaching assignments will be shared on June 27th when you receive your child’s second term report card.

Best regards,
Mr. Mah.

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SHPS Talent Show!

04 Jun

Dear Summit Heights Community, 

We are pleased to announce that SHPS will be hosting a year-end Talent Show!  The auditions for the Summit Heights Talent Show will be taking place on Tuesday June 13th during lunch recess. 

Students must come prepared with their costumes, songs, instruments etc. There will be a keyboard set up for any students who need one. 

The Talent Show will be on Wednesday, June 28th in the morning. The students will be performing for Summit Heights students and teachers/administrators only. 

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Shapiro at 

Thank you,
The Talent Show Team


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Final Opportunity to bring Before/After Care to SHPS for Sept, 2017

19 May

Parents, the following notice will be sent home in our Friday files today.  Please note, the correct phone number for the Learning Enrichment Foundation is 416-760-2550.

In the case that your child misplaces the hardcopy, please review the letter from our main office below:

Download (PDF, 60KB)

Download (PDF, 258KB)

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Possible Before & After Care at SHPS next school year

12 May

Parents, last week we had an in-person information/pre-registration session with the Learning Enrichment Foundation (who will potentially be our Before & After Care provider).

To continue this process, parents interested in this program (but were unable to attend the meeting) are asked to review the following two embedded documents and contact the Learning Enrichment Foundation directly.

Download (PDF, 551KB)

Download (PDF, 258KB)

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Before/After Care Information Meeting

04 May

Download (PDF, 200KB)

Download (PDF, 687KB)

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Parent-Teacher Interviews, Public Consultation (Alt School Review)

08 Feb

Dear Summit Heights Families,

Parent-Teacher Interviews:

Regarding the upcoming Term 1 Report Cards, and subsequent parent-teacher interviews, it is common practice across the TDSB that interviews for the Term 1 Report Cards is by request only.  As usual, ongoing communication between teachers and parents should continue and be a regular routine for home and school.  Parents, please ensure that you are reading your child’s teacher’s regular communication (i.e., agenda notes, newsletter, web site, emails, blogs etc).


Pathways in the Alternative School system – Public Consultation Meetings:

In June 2016, the Board approved the following motion regarding Pathways in the Alternative School System;

Whereas, the Alternative Schools Advisory Committee established since the early 1990s has thrived within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) providing invaluable programming at the elementary, middle and secondary school level; and

Whereas, ongoing support that adds depth to programming, an expansion of resources including personnel and infrastructure is much needed to support the demand for these schools across the GTA; and

Whereas, the following is in keeping with the vision and mandate of the TDSB by addressing and providing avenues to serve students and families that need access coming from diverse segments of the population in all parts of the city; and

Whereas, current barriers include the lack of robust pathways from middle school to secondary school, limitations based on entry requirements, geography, lottery and such; and

Whereas, at the present time several Alternative programs and schools within the TDSB are facing wait lists with families and children being subjected to random selection through lottery; and

Whereas, there might be an opportunity to build capacity through formal and informal training of administrative staff with an emphasis on expanding access and pathways to students and families that could benefit the most;

Therefore, be it resolved: That the Director:

(i) research and plan in consultation with appropriate stakeholders including ASAC to find ways to minimize and remove barriers to access by creating pathways in the alternative school system within the TDSB. That is, the creation of additional seamless path from K-12 in the alternative system that includes the elementary, middle school and secondary school levels;

(ii)   proactively explore the expansion and variety of alternative programs and schools including staffing (teaching, support and administration) to support enrolment demands and interest from the community through active consultation and review with ASAC on an ongoing basis;

(iii)   plan in partnership with ASAC for future growth through research, development in teaching, learning and professional development at all levels of management within the system. That is, Executive and all levels of management (Principals, Superintendents and others);

(iv)  present a report on (i) to (iii) above to the Program and School Services Committee, for action and completion within school year 2016-17.

As such, a review is underway and the following public consultation meetings have been scheduled;

  • Thursday, March 23 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm @ former Eastern Commerce CI, 16 Phin Ave (Library)
  • Tuesday, March 28 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm @ Western Technical Commercial School, 125 Evelyn Cres (Library)


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