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Letter from Director Malloy

25 Oct

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Over the past few days, there has been a very public discussion about the Enhancing Equity Task Force’s draft recommendations.

This Task Force was created because things need to change in our system to improve learning outcomes for all students and address disparities that impact our students.

I think you would agree that it is essential that the TDSB ensure equitable learning environments for each and every student. This means ensuring that all students have access – the same access – to learning, opportunities, resources and tools to succeed while keeping our high standard of excellence for all students.

After consulting with students, staff, parents and community members over the past year, the Task Force identified that some disparities exist between and within our schools and, while benefitting some students, may have inadvertently resulted in inequity for others.

The draft recommendations are not final and we invite your input on the recommendations. To be sure we get your feedback we have extended the consultation deadline to November 20. Your voice will help shape the recommendations that will be presented to the Board in December and, will ultimately make the TDSB a better place for all students.

One recommendation proposes phasing out specialized schools, such as a school for the Arts. I do not believe the Board has any intention of closing specialized schools so we have clarified the recommendation by removing the reference to phasing out specialized schools and will, in the revised document, focus on improving access to them.

Parents have also been concerned that specialized programs – such as TOPS or International Baccalaureate – would be phased out from within schools. This was not part of the recommendation and these programs will continue. What is clear is that the TDSB needs to find ways to expand the opportunities that these schools and programs offer.

Changes need to happen to ensure each and every student can achieve high academic achievement and success in school.

If you have not already, please review the Task Force report and recommendations and send us your thoughts and opinions. We value your input to make this happen. Please be sure to provide your comments through our online form so they are sent directly to the Task Force.

The draft recommendations will be available online for feedback until November 20, 2017.

Thank you,

John Malloy,
Director of Education

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Presentation at W.L.Mackenzie

11 Apr

Download (PDF, 58KB)

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Math Resource Kit

19 Jan

Here is the link for the Math Resource Kit.


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Agenda for Council Meeting January 11, 2016

10 Jan

Download (DOC, 27KB)

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‘Inspiring Your Child to Learn and Love Math’

08 Jan

The Council of Ontario Directors of Education have recently published the Parent Engagement document ‘Inspiring Your Child to Learn and Love Math’. The document includes some simple methods to help parents become more effective when assisting their children with math. Electronic copies of this resource document can be found online on the CODE website ( A hard copy of the document is available for viewing – please advise one of the school council Chairs should you wish to borrow this document.

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Open House for the Vocal Music Academy

14 Jan

Click this link if you are having trouble seeing this article.

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