Code of Behaviour for Athletes

Code of Behaviour for Athletes

Student athletes are a direct reflection of our educational philosophy. Athletes serve as visible role models after whom other students in the school system can model their behaviour. The following code of behaviour will help to guide the conduct of student athletes participating in TDSB-approved events.

It is expected that athletes will:

  • Compete for the enjoyment of the game and the pursuit of individual as well as team excellence;
  • Strive to understand, respect, and follow the rules of the game at all times;
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship and fair play;
  • Conduct themselves with honour, dignity, and self-control;
  • Appreciate the efforts of their teammates and opponents;
  • Be generous in victory and gracious in defeat;
  • Show respect for the authority and decisions of coaches, staff, and officials;
  • Respect athletic facilities and property;
  • Respect the rights of opponents, teammates, and spectators on both sides;
  • Refrain from the use of profanity, taunting, threatening actions and violence at all times;
  • Behave in accordance with all TDSB policies.




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