Outside Winter Rules

Outside Winter Rules

Snowball throwing is not allowed on the school property at any time. Students are to wait until supervised before sliding. Sliding is allowed on magic carpets only. No more than two people at a time may slide down on a magic carpet. Students must be properly dressed for sliding – hat, coat, snowpants, gloves and boots. Students sliding down the hill are to ensure they do not slide down an area where there are students directly in their path. Upon reaching the bottom of the hill, students are asked to stay clear of the others going down the hill. Students should move to the sides and climb out of the way of others.

Playscape Rules

Slides are for going down…not up.

Wait for supervision before using the playscape.

Do not use the playscape when there is no supervision.

Treat each other with care and respect.

Students in grades 1-6 are not allowed in the Kindergarten Play Area.

Lunchroom Rules

Kindergarten students eat in their classroom.  Students in portables eat their lunch in their portable.  All other students eat at tables in the gym. Having lunch at school is a privilege and students are expected to follow the lunchroom rules:

  • Students are to remain in their seats until they have finished their lunch.
  • They will wait to be dismissed by a luncheon supervisor.
  • Students are to place all recyclable materials in the appropriate recycling bins and then return any other food/materials to their lunch bag to be taken home at the end of the day.
  • Students will place their lunchbox on the hooks outside the gym or in their class lunch bins, walk to the exit and wait for a lunch supervisor before going outside.
  • Pupils should try to bring a litterless lunch so that there is nothing to throw out and everything will go home to be re-used.
  • Students are to pick up their lunch boxes from the hooks outside the gym on their way to their classroom at 12:25 p.m.
  • No child is allowed to leave the school at lunchtime without parent permission.
  • Remember we have many students with allergies.  Do not bring nuts or nut products to school.

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