Year end Principal’s Update

25 Jun

Dear Summit Heights Families,

On behalf of the entire staff, we sincerely hope that you and all of your family members are remaining healthy and coping well given what is going on in the world today.  We also thank you for your support of your child(ren) and our staff, particularly during the distance learning and school closures.  I can assure you that during that time, the entire staff would have preferred to be physically in the building, teaching and interacting with the students if that were possible.

So we are at the end of another school year, a year that was certainly unlike any others in our lifetime.  I sincerely hope that with time, we can all look back and perhaps share a laugh and recall good memories about this past year.

Best wishes and congratulations to our Grade 6 students in the Gifted Program who had an online graduation this week.  These wonderful students will not be returning to our school in September, though we hope to see them again and hear about their new adventures in their new schools!  We are also looking forward to the first year of the regular Grade 7 program at our school!

Congratulations to our Senior Kindergarten students as well!  We’re excited as they embark on the journey of Grade 1 and beyond!

We hope that you were able to view the virtual Talent Show this past week.  Thank you to the students who displayed their talents, including dancing, joke-telling, magic tricks, singing and more!  A huge thank you to Ms. Shapiro for yet again coordinating this fantastic event!

In terms of September, we have formed a staff committee that has agreed to meet and plan over the summer.  The committee is waiting on the Provincial Government to announce the final plan for September.  The TDSB will certainly also inform us of protocols and expectations, and in turn our school committee will plan, organize and communicate.  We will post the plan on our school’s website and email you as well.

The communicated plan will also provide details about what the first day of school will look like, including what doors the students should enter on the first day, and how they will find out what class/teacher they have been assigned.  Please note, parents of JK and SK students will receive a notice directly from the classroom teachers before the school year begins with more direction and information.

Also please remember that our school bell/schedule has changed.  Starting on September 8, 2020, the bell schedule will be:

8:55am – school yard supervision begins

9:08am – “line-up” bell

9:10am  – school day begins

10:20-10:35am – morning recess

11:55am-12:55pm – lunch and lunch recess

12:53pm – “line-up” bell

12:55pm – afternoon classes begin

2:15pm-2:30pm – afternoon recess

3:40pm – end of school day

Our school website will be updated over the summer (including these new bell times), so please be patient as we work through the changes.

We hope that you were able to view the well-wishes/happy summer video from our staff to all of you.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to view the video, you can by visiting this link:

Once again, on behalf of our entire Summit Heights staff, we wish you good health and a safe, enjoyable and restful summer.


Best wishes,

Mr. B. Mah,

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Have a Safe and Happy Summer – from the SHPS Staff!

24 Jun

The staff at Summit Heights would like to wish everyone a safe and happy summer!  Check out our well-wishes to you on this youtube link:

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Primary Talent Show

22 Jun

The moment is here!  Our primary students have some amazing talent, and we’re very proud to share it with you!  Teachers will be sharing the link with you to view!

A huge thanks to Ms. Shapiro and to all of our talented students!

Enjoy the show!

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TDSB Update on Secondary Review, Update from TDSB Psychology Dept.

18 Jun

Secondary Program Review Interim Report 
The Interim Report of the Secondary Program Review was presented to Trustees last month, a first step in the development of a plan to address the inequities and imbalances throughout our current system. This report supports our next step forward as we start to re-imagine and re-draw our system in consultation and collaboration with our communities to enhance equity and support the achievement and well-being of each and every student in the TDSB, now and in the future.

We want to hear from you! Any recommendations made through this process will have an impact on current elementary students, as young as Grade 1. Our plan, if approved by Trustees in the fall, will create the roadmap for changes to our secondary schools and programs over the next 8 to 10 years.

No specific schools have been named for consolidation and no further steps will be taken without extensive local community consultation. Over the next four months, students, parents, staff and community members can continue to provide feedback and further insight through delegations and their local Trustee, by email to or on our online form. The Secondary Program Review Final Report will be presented to the Board in October 2020.

From TDSB Psychology Department:

Please take a moment to read through the 3rd issue Hearts & Minds, which is being shared by the TDSB’s Psychological Services department.  To read this issue, or others if you missed earlier issues, they can be found on the TDSB Psychological Services website, along with some information about the Psychology department. We hope you find it timely and helpful as we enter the last weeks of school, and look forward to the summer months.

Thank you.

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TDSB Term 2 Report Card Update

18 Jun

Dear Families,

Due to the current school closures resulting from COVID-19, final report cards will be distributed to TDSB students and parents/guardians in a digital format using School Messenger, an email communication system currently used by schools. Individual Education Plan (IEP) Summaries will also be provided and distributed in a digital format, if applicable.

As per Ontario Student Records (OSR) guidelines, a signed, printed copy of the report card will be filed in the OSR when schools reopen.

The TDSB will take the following steps to deliver a report card for each student in a secure manner:
1.     You will receive an email with the report card attached as a password-protected PDF file.

  • Kindergarten Communication of Learning and Grades 1 to 8 report cards will be emailed to parents/guardians between June 22 and 26.
  • Secondary report cards will be emailed to both parents/guardians and students’ TDSB email address between July 3 – 8.

2.     The password will be unique for each report card.

3.     The password format will be communicated in each email, not the password itself.

If you prefer not to receive your child’s report card via email, please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this message. To adjust your preferences, deselect “Report Card” and click “Update Preferences” to save the changes. Parents/guardians who opt out of an email delivered report card will receive a printed copy upon request when schools reopen.

Please contact Mr. Mah if you have any questions.

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Principal’s Update

23 May

Dear Summit Heights Families,


On behalf of our entire staff, we hope that you and your loved ones are continuing to be healthy and are coping well during these unprecedented times.  We sincerely miss your children and you!   Hopefully you have been receiving the emails from the TDSB, updates about safety measures in place in and around our school, the school closures, distance learning etc.   If you haven’t been receiving these emails, please email me (!

As announced by the Ontario Government, and the TDSB, our field is open for use now.  It may take another week day or so for our basketball hoops to be installed, but that too will be open for use.  Please note, playscapes remain closed, please be mindful of that if you’re visiting our school grounds.  On this same note, please remember that dogs are not permitted on our property.

The TDSB is currently working on a protocol to organize and grant access to schools for the retrieval of personal items belonging to students.  Please continue to be patient.  Once the plan has been developed and shared with school staff, we will organize and work to ensure that those who want to retrieve their items will have the opportunity to do so, before the summer.

Likewise, the board is working on a plan for the Term 2 Report Cards.  While our staff are working on these, a plan is being developed for the logistics of getting these into your hands.  As we know more, we will share more information.

Construction work has resumed at our school recently.  Crews have been on site, working to complete the new HVAC system in our gym.  There has also been work to bring our electrical system up to present day code.

Finally, you likely recall the upbeat and fun Xmovement initiative that SAC brought to our school this past year.  Xmovement has shared an online resource for you and your family to engage in!  These resources will help you and your family: 

– Learn new skills to deal with emotions and relationships

– Keep fit with activities like dance, mindfulness, sports, martial arts

– Stay busy and entertained with weekly family challenges and games

It’s easy to get started: 

  1. Go to this website:
  2. Click: “Start Your Free Trial”
  3. Select: “Family and Friends Membership”
  4. Enter your details (no CC required)
  5. When at Check-out – use this coupon code to activate the discount: SummitHeightsTDSBgift


Thank you for reading.  Wishing you continued good health,

B. Mah,

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