Kindergarten Registration (an early heads-up!)

09 Dec

From the TDSB:

Registration for all TDSB Kindergarten programs begins in February. Families will continue to have the option of registering their child in-person at school or beginning the registration process via online registration (OLR) at Regardless of which process caregivers select, they will be required to visit the local school to validate registration information.

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Principal’s Update for November

29 Nov

Dear Summit Heights Parents,

November was a successful month for Summit Height students.  Some academic highlights include a book cover contest in the library, designing bridges in grade 5, creating space craft for grade 6s,  data management for grade 4s, studying the solar system in kindergarten and volleyball in some PE classes (to name a few).   Our students learned a lot this past month, and many of their projects and assignments are on display in our halls and bulletin boards.

Across the school, there were a number of clubs and events that happened last month.

Earlier in the month, our school community remembered and honoured past and current Canadian soldiers, culminating in our Remembrance Day assemblies, and moment of silence.  The month also closed with a character education assembly for the trait of Empathy, lead by Mr. Kellesis’ class.

In terms of school sports, the boys’ volleyball competed in November at their one-day tournament.  Coaches Anton and Valdoria reported that our team played well and represented our school with pride and respect.  Congrats to all for a great season!

We had tryouts for our Grade 4/5 ice hockey team last month.  In addition, our school had the intention of hosting a grade 6 team as well (to be twinned with another school that would have a goalie).  Unfortunately in the end, there wasn’t a league for our grade 4/5 team and we weren’t able to twin with another grade 6 school – so we won’t have either (a Grade 4/5 or a Grade 6) ice hockey team this year.

Progress reports went home in the middle of the month, followed by parent-teacher interviews.  We hope that the vast majority of our parents were able to meet with their child(ren)’s teachers!

Thanks to our SAC Chair, Andrew Miller, who organized two student-courses “Home Alone” and “Babysitting”, which primarily took place in November.  The student-courses were well received, with positive feedback from the participants.

In addition to all the above events, we had our photo-retake on November 14th and our SAC meeting this week on November 27th.  Please note, the next SAC meeting is on January 13th, 2020.


New Items:

Driving safely in/around our school
We recently had some reports of some drivers driving beyond the speed limit in/around our school, as well as driving beyond a reasonable limit in our school parking lot.  Please be mindful that safety always comes first.  We would rather your child, or you, be late for school, appointment or meeting instead of someone being hurt.  Please, for the sake of safety, drive safely, slowly and carefully at all times.

New HVAC system in our gym
A new HVAC system (primarily for ventilation, but also including supplemental heat and cooling) will be installed in our gym over the next few months.  The construction should not interfere with our school programing nor after school programs.  Please note, while the new system does have air-conditioning, there are specific thresholds of temperature/time of year etc., where the machine automatically turns on if it’s too hot.  The gym will serve as another “cooling station” for our school in the event of extreme heat.

Transition committee
The parent and staff transition committees have continued their work to plan and organize the transition to include the regular-stream Grade 7 program for September.  The committee gave an update at the last SAC meeting.  There are a number of items that we are working on, including budgeting for the new class(es), fundraising, logistics (like textbooks, lockers), facility issues (e.g., portable, lockers), planning to gather student input, etc. Please understand much of what we are working on is still in the planning phase.  We’ll update you again when we have more meaningful information.


Important December dates:

Dec 2 – Pizza Lunch

Dec 6PA Day (no classes)

Dec 9 – Pizza Lunch

Dec 9 – 13 – Book Fair

Dec 10 – FireFighter visit to Kindergarten classes (am)

Dec 12 – Winter Concert (evening)

Dec 16 – Pizza Lunch

Dec 20 – Beach Blast excursion (junior clases)

Dec 21 – Jan 5Winter Holidays

Jan 6Classes Resume


Thank you for reading,

Mr. B. Mah,


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December 12 Winter Concert Information

25 Nov

Hello Summit Heights Community!

The students have been working hard to present their songs to their families and friends. Here is everything you need to know about the Primary and Junior December 12 2019 Winter Concerts!

Primary Concert Information
Time: 6:00-6:30pm
Parents, please ensure that you drop your child off to their home room classrooms at 5:30. Their teachers will be escorting them to the gym for the performance.
Once the performance is over, teachers will escort their students back to their classrooms.  At the end of the primary concert (6:30pm) you can pick up your child from their classroom to go home.

Primary Concert Performers
Mrs. Kipka’s Class – Marshmallow World
Mrs. Andrews’s Class – Winter Wonderland
Mr. Valdoria’s Class – Jingle Bells

Junior Concert Information
Time: 6:45-7:15pm
Parents, please ensure that you drop your child off to their home room classrooms at 6:15. Their teachers will be escorting them to the gym for the performance.
Once the performance is over, teachers will escort their students back to their classrooms.  At the end of the primary concert (7:15pm) you can pick up your child from their classroom to go home

 Junior Concert Performers
Ms. Irvine/Mr. Schonberger’s Class – Jingle Bell Rock
Mr. Eschle’s Class – Winter Wonderland
Mr. Cabacungan’s Class – Sleigh Ride
Mr. Anton/Ms. Brock – Jingle Bells

Scholastic Book Fair
The Scholastic Book Fair will be taking place in our school library. Don’t forgot to visit the fair before or after the concert!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

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TDSB Secondary Program Review and Optional Attendance

20 Nov

Secondary Program Review and Optional Attendance

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is undertaking a review of secondary schools to ensure all students have equitable access to programs and opportunities, as close to home as possible. As part of the Secondary Program Review, the TDSB is reviewing the Optional Attendance policy (P013), which allows students to apply to schools other than their designated school by home address.

A public consultation process for both the Secondary Review and P013 started in November 2019. Please visit the TDSB website for more information and opportunities to provide feedback:

If you have any questions and/or comments, please email

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Mid-November Update from your Principal

17 Nov

Staffing Update
   We like to welcome Ms. Andrews back, and thank Ms. Villella who was here in Ms. Andrew’s absence.  Likewise, we’d like to welcome Mlle. Gazey, who returns for half days (am).  Mme. Istrate will continue to be teaching core French for the full-day, in Portable 1, along with Mlle. Gazey for the time being.

Thank you and farewell to Ms. Hyoojoo, one of our lunchroom supervisors (who was also a staff member of the Before/After care). Hopefully Hyoojoo will return to our staff again!

Morning Drop-off
A reminder that supervision in our school yard, for students in grades 1-6, begins at 8:25am until entry (8:40am).  Parents may drop off their child to our supervision starting at 8:25am (in the school yard).  Kindergarten students should be supervised by their parents/care-givers until entry (at 8:40am).

Please note that the school’s front doors, during the morning entry, is only for kindergarten students and late Grade 1-6 students.

Parents, thank you for your cooperation with parking on Delhi and your kind conduct in our parking lot.  Things have improved (almost everyone stops/parks in the correct direction on Delhi in the morning, and drivers are courteous and kind in our parking lot) during the morning drop-off.  Thank you for your efforts everyone!

Dogs in school yard
While we recognize many community members use our yard for their dogs after hours and on weekends, dogs on our yard are not permitted.

This past week, with snow on the ground, it was obvious there were numerous  patches of discoloured snow in our yard, including in our in our kindergarten play area.  Naturally, our students often roll around, pick-up, and play in the snow.

Please do your best to not only not walk/unleash your dog in our school yard, but discourage your neighbours from doing so as well.

Playing with Snow at recess
This certainly has been one of our “earlier winters” in Toronto in recent memory.   As such, we have reminded students a number of times over our morning announcements and in class, about our rules of safe snow-play.

Please remind your child:

  • Snow is not to be thrown/kicked at any person or at any thing
  • There’s no sledding/sliding down our hills (a child can go ‘down’ a hill if that’s on their way to another location in our field, but not back up and down etc)
  • The snow belongs to everyone (forts, giant snowballs are not the sole property of any individuals/groups)
  • Snow is for building, not destroying (i.e., do not destroy forts/snow structures)

Students who do not abide by these rules will receive an immediate, short, time out outside.  Repeated conduct results in a detention in the school office.  Our school has also ‘closed the field’ when there are too many conflicts over snow.

While we understand playing with snow, and all that is winter-related at school, is really fun and memorable, safety is always first.

Thank you for your understanding,

Mr. B. Mah,

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Principal’s Update for October

03 Nov

Dear Summit Heights Families,

October was an eventful month.  While it may seem a long time ago, we started the month off with adjusting to a number of new routines due to the CUPE job action.  Thankfully, our school managed well, students continued to be safe and learn, and of course the job action ended.

The month concluded with a lot of fun and sugar!  Many classes hosted Halloween-themed celebrations/parties.  The kindergarten students made their way through the school in their annual parade/walk.  Students (and some staff) were dressed in fun costumes – we’re happy to report it was a fun day!  The annual Pumpkin Patch was a success.  Our kindergarten students participated in picking pumpkins as well as working through some educational (but pumpkin-related) stations.  A huge thanks to the Primary Reps, parents Alanna, Jillian and Julia!

Despite the rain and cold temperatures, we hope everyone can look back to Halloween 2019 with some fond memories.

Being the second month of the school year, a lot of school sports took place.  The cross country team completed in their meet on the 4th.  Many students advanced to the conference finals, and a few even made it to the city finals!  Congratulations to the entire team for a great season.  Special thanks to Mr. Khaja and his team of staff and parent co-coaches/volunteers for making this team possible!

Our touch football team competed in their one-day tournament, and advanced to the quarter finals match.  Great job on a great season!  Thanks to coaches Hunter and Cabacungan for their time and efforts.

October is soccer season for the TDSB.  Both of our teams, girls’ and boys’, completed their seasons last month.  The boys hosted their tournament and had a successful run, but came up short from advancing.  The girls’ team, also hosted and won their tournament to advance to the Conference quarter finals.  We also hosted that game on our field, and it was as exciting as any match could be!  After ending regular time with a score of 0-0, two 5 minute extra time halfs were played – and the score still remained 0-0!  So it went to penalty kicks, where our girls came out victorious!  The team thus advanced to the Conference finals, but alas this is where their season ended.  A huge congratulations to all of our student-athletes on both teams!  Many thanks to coaches, Eschle and Khaja, for their work in leading both teams.

We had three assemblies last month.  Officer Shari (from the Toronto Police Services) visited our school on October 23rd.  She spoke to our K to grade 3 students about safety, conflict resolution and inclusion.  With Officer Shari was Officer Phil, who will be taking over the community liaison role, as Officer Shari is retiring!  We wish her well as she embarks on this new phase of her life.

October 23rd was also the same day that our grade 3-6 students watched the documentary “Screenagers”.  Funded by our SAC, this eye-opening film delved into the effects of screen time on young people and the dynamics on relationships with others, particularly family members.   Parents were also invited to a viewing that same evening, after parent council.  Thank you for those who attended.  Likewise, thank to you SAC for funding the event for our students, staff and parents.

To round out the assemblies, our grade 6s attended an assembly about the Cyber Arts program at CH Best (a program that, for our students, would start in grade 7).   Finally, Ms. Eisen/Bernstein and Ms. Brock/Anton’s classes organized and presented the character education assembly last month.  The skits, songs and message were well written, rehearsed and performed!  Well done everyone!

Our ECO Team hosted the first of three walk to school days in October.  While the temperature was chilly, many students and families walked to school to help reduce our community’s carbon footprint and to spread the word about saving our environment.  Those who walked were treated to a hot cup (re-usable cup of course) of hot chocolate!  We apologize that we ran out of hot chocolate, and will work towards a solution to this issue in the future.

October was also the month where our school had photo day (the re-take day is in November, see below).  Our Social Justice League also held our annual “We Scare Hunger” food drive.  A heartfelt thank you to all who donated to this worth cause!  Lunch programs (organized by SAC) also began in October.  In addition, our school was a polling station for the federal elections.

Finally, a note about our school’s transition to include grade 7 in September of 2020, and specifically the gifted program.  At this point, as confirmed by our Superintendent’s office and the TDSB special education department, the Grade 4-6 gifted program will be at Summit Heights in September 2020.  However, we will not have a grade 7 or 8 gifted program at our school.  We WILL have Grade 7, regular stream, starting in September 2020 and then expanding to include Grade 8 in September 2021.  A parent and staff committee are currently planning and working on the inclusion of Grade 7 next school year.  Please stay tuned for more information.

Please check our Google Calendar for upcoming events this school year.  However, for your convenience, these are important November dates:

Nov 4 – Pizza Lunch

Nov 5 – Grade 6 Ice Hockey Tryout (4-5pm, @ York Mills arena)

Nov 7 – Home Alone Course (by registration only)

Nov 11Remembrance Day, Lest We Forget

Nov 11 – Pizza Lunch

Nov 13 – Progress Reports go home

Nov 14 – Photo Re-take day

Nov 14 – Parent/teacher interviews (evening)

Nov 15 – PA Day, no classes (and morning Parent/Teacher Interviews)

Nov 18 – Pizza Lunch

Nov 27 – SAC Meeting (7-9pm)


Thank you for reading,

Mr. B. Mah,



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