Lunch Time Programs

03 Dec

Confirmation of your child’s enrollment in lunch programs for the winter term will be given back on Fri Dec 10 and NOT on Fri Dec 3 as originally planned. This will not effect any program start dates.
Julie and Lori

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Principal’s Message

01 Dec

November has been a very busy productive month filled with many opportunities to connect with families. Summit Heights’ teachers and support staff really enjoyed sharing progress reports with parents on November 18th and 19th. It was a pleasure to talk about student progress, to highlight to parents areas where their children are doing well, and areas where they need to grow to strengthen their knowledge and skills. Helping students understand their own strengths, learning skills and areas for improvement is also part of the achievement process. Regular and ongoing communication is essential to developing positive home-school connections. Our goal is to develop positive, respectful and trusting relationships that lead to increased student achievement.

After school learning was the theme this month for Parent at Large and Grade Six Representative Cathy Siegel. Cathy organized two very important learning opportunities for the Grade Five and Six students. On the November 19th on professional activity day Cathy organized the full day Baby Sitting Course with Health Starters organization for over thirty Grade Six students in the gym. For November 24th Cathy organized the parent and child Home Alone Course with Public Health nurses in the gym and library. Thank you to Cathy for helping to equip our students with valuable life skills for their future.

Events, events, events! November was filled with special events and opportunities to get together:

First a big thank you to the many volunteers that made Indigo Night fundraiser an amazing success: Karen Wolff, Ilana Klein, Jill Anzarut, Stacey Michaels, Karen White, Elise Evans, Doug de Leeuw, Andrea Donsky, Alexandra Evans, Amy Greenberg and Lisa Kogan. The crowd and community spirit at Indigo was fantastic. Thank you to Ms. Berk and Mr. Maskerine for preparing the student entertainment. The students appeared comfortable and confident in the professional surroundings.

The kindergarten students singing and percussion club performance sounded fantastic. Thank you as well to the many teachers and support staff that came out to support, supervise and encourage the students: Mrs. White, Mrs. DaSilva, Ms. Peer, Mrs. Bower, Mrs. Marchiori, Ms. Greco and Mr. Vender. Special thank you to Jill Anzarut for an impressive Summit Heights Stingray banner created in record time for the event. The banner is now hanging on the gym wall and we look forward to taking it with us to future sporting events and celebrations. A final thank you to the school community that purchased books and gifts on behalf of Summit Heights Public School!

Movie Morning at the Promenade was another wonderful time together as a school community. The Disney movie Tangled was a hit with the entire audience. Special thanks to Ilene Kornblum and Jodie Katzman-Little for organizing this family event. The theatre, location and service on a Saturday morning were excellent. Thank you to all that came out to support the school.

November has now become known as Movember because of our fine staff of male teachers. Thank you to everyone in the community that supported the teachers fundraising efforts for cancer research. With your help the ‘Men of Summit Heights’ team has contributed over $1500.00 to the Movember movement.

On Friday, November 26, there was lots of excitement in the air when CTV Television showed up at Summit Heights in the morning to video tape parts of the Empathy Assembly. Ms. Greco’s class performance, the ‘Men of Summit Heights’ Movember Team and the enthusiastic crowd of students (no students were identified in video taping) demonstrated fantastic school spirit. If you missed it, the news item is on the CTV webpage  Look for the video: “Big Picture: Young Movember moustaches”. Pictures of the Empathy Assembly were taken and will be added to the 2010-2011 school year book. Thank you to Ilene and Seth Kornblum for purchasing materials to help make the Empathy Assembly a special school-wide event. Thank you as well to the many volunteers that arrived at school to help prepare the students for the special spirit day.

Thank you to Lori Schwartz and Julie Mindel for selecting positive, Lunch Time Programs that engage students. The Fall program is wrapping up and they have already sent out Winter programs in preparation for January. Supervising lunch programs keeps both of them very busy and often requires one of the two coordinators to drop by the school over the noon hour. This is their second year in the role and they have been exceptional at monitoring the programs to ensure students are connected with their instructors. If your child has benefited from the lunch time programming and you have not had an opportunity to connect with them to say hello or thank you there is no better time than the holiday season!

Some of our families have already celebrated Eid and Diwali and many of our families are about to celebrate Hanukkah. On behalf of the staff at Summit Heights, I would like to wish you a truly wonderful holiday time with family and friends. We look forward to seeing you at our Festivals of Light on December 15th!

Premier’s Award for Teaching Excellence

The Premier’s Awards for teaching Excellence recognizes people- teachers, principals, school board leaders and support staff- who excel at unlocking the potential of Ontario’s students. Awards are available in six categories. You can nominate any time before January 31st, 2011. Information and nomination forms are available in the school office.

Bussing & Parent Supervision for Gifted Programs

School bus transportation is provided by contracted carrier services or Board bus using 72 or 20 passenger school buses. The method of service is school to school or designated stop (determined by Student Transportation Services) to school service. Students must walk to a school or designated stop to meet the bus. Parents are responsible for the supervision of students until they board the bus and after the student disembarks from the school bus. Transportation service is not provided from the home or daycare addresses (unless the address is located at a TDSB designated stop). Additional information regarding the Student Transportation Policy and safety information can be found on the Board’s web site at Bus Company Phone Numbers – First Student Thornhill 905-764-6662 or Stock West 416-244-5341.

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Music Counts at Summit Heights

01 Dec

In June of 2010, parents, teachers, students, Mrs. Sambrook, and I put forth an incredible
effort in a very short period of time. We learned that music grants were available to
burgeoning music programs through a company called MusiCounts (BandAid). During
the month of June we all wrote letters on behalf of our school, our children, and about
how we could greatly benefit from MusiCounts’ assistance. In early October of this
year, we learned that they were listening. Summit Heights was awarded a Canadian
MusiCounts grant of $5000.

I was soon in contact with Peter Fudge of Cosmo Music, and with his gracious help we
were able to purchase an incredible amount of new instruments. Some of the fantastic
things that are now in our school include a set of Congas, a full class set of Ukuleles,
and two Steel drums. We also have five brand new guitars for people who wish to join
the Guitar Club next year, as well as numerous new drums for the classes and Drum
Club. We are incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity, and the students are very
excited about playing and performing on our new equipment.

Mr. Maskerine

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Important Dates

01 Dec
Thu Dec 9 Pizza Lunch
Wed Dec 15 Festivals of Light 6:00 – 7:15 pm
Mon Dec 20 to
Fri Dec 31
Winter Break (last day of school is Fri Dec 17, 2010; school resumes Mon Jan 3, 2011)
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Festivals of Light

01 Dec

On Wednesday, December 15, from 6:00-7:15 p.m. Summit Heights will be hosting our annual Festivals of Light.

This will be a fun-filled evening of holiday activities, performances, and delicious food. The classes will be presenting holiday performances in the Library (schedule will be sent home).

The Grade 6’s will be preparing and serving crepes and other scrumptious treats for Café Francais, in the gym. There will also be baked goods for sale to support the Grade 6 graduation.

Holiday activities and crafts for the children will be available in specific classrooms after providing a donation of $5.00 per child at the door. Proceeds from the arts and crafts will be donated to Free the Children. We hope to see you there!

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Library Donation

01 Dec

Looking for a great way to honour your child?

How about a unique gift for a special teacher?

A special holiday gift?

All while supporting our school library?!

Look no further!

Help support the Summit Heights school library by donating a new book or by giving a financial contribution for a new book. The honouree’s name will be permanently placed in the book with a commemorative bookplate. In addition, a personalized certificate will be given to the honouree (your child, teacher, etc).

Download Library Donation Form

Please send your new book or cheque (payable to Summit Heights School Council) along with a completed donations form to the school in your child’s Friday folder.

Thank you for supporting our library!

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