01 Dec

The yearbook committee is busy collecting photographs to share with Ms. Rutenberg’s student yearbook team as well as business sponsorship ads. We continue to encourage parents to submit photos to us or directly to Ms. Rutenberg of memorable school events (you can even borrow a flash drive from Ms. Rutenberg overnight to transfer your pics). We are also still accepting applications for business ads – a very affordable way to let 300 students and their families know about your local business! Thank you to all the parents who have already submitted their precious pictures to us.

Yours truly,

Connie (, Andrea (, Liz ( and Sherlene (

Your yearbook parent team 🙂

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Empathy Haiku from Mrs. Greco’s Class

01 Dec
Caring, friendly, nice
Compassionate to others, kind
Strong for other friends
By Rebecca
Helping your sick friends
Caring for thoughtful people
Compassionate friend
By Aaron
You will feel thoughtful
You will feel bad for someone
Kind, caring, friendly
By Ethan
Be kind to your friends
Feel the other person’s pain
Care for your sick friends
By Jordana
Always there for you
Kind, helpful, and supportive
Wise, graceful, a gift
By Firuza
Be kind to others
Always be nice to your friends
Have some empathy
By Kyle
Helping all people
Compassionate and caring
Considerate, kind
By Dylan
Be considerate
Help someone if they need you
Feel what others feel
By Lee
Helpful to others
Understanding all your friends
Supportive and caring
By Rachel
Thoughtful and very kind
Putting yourself in their shoes
Compassion helps us
By Sara
Kind, caring, thoughtful,
Put yourself in other’s shoes
Friendly and helpful
By Sammy
Compassionate friend
Caring and considerate
Thoughtful and helpful
By Daniel
Think how they feel
Put yourself in someone’s shoes
Help friends when they’re down
By Matt
Always compassionate
Kind, caring, considerate
Feel how others feel
By Evan
Helpful, kind, friendly
Thoughtful and compassionate
Be caring to friends
By Elian
Caring for others
Compassionate and kindness
Help people in pain
By Will
Helpful and thoughtful
Humanitarian, kind
Compassion and caring
By Hannah
Being kind is good
Helping will help help you too
Care for other friends
By Colin
Helping your friends out
Put yourself in someone’s shoes
Think of how they feel
By Alexa
Caring and considerate
Put yourself in someone else’s shoes
Thoughtful and friendly
By Stefan
Helpful to others
Compassionate, caring, kind
Be thoughtful to friends
By Danielle
Friends, caring, sharing
Helping, kindness, and good words
Good things happening
By Shane
Kindness and helpful
What’s the word we’re looking for?
Empathy, that’s it!
By Prudence
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CTV at Summit Heights

26 Nov

CTV Television was at Summit Heights this morning and video taped parts of the Empathy Assembly. Ms. Greco’s class performance, the ‘Men of Summit Heights’ Movember Team and the enthusiastic crowd of students were taped (no students were identified in video taping). The camera man from CTV news hopes to highlight the video clips on the 6:00 news tonight.
Thank you to everyone in the community that supported the teachers fundraising efforts for cancer research. With your help the ‘Men of Summit Heights’ team has contributed over $1500.00 to the Movember movement.
Pictures of the event were taken and will be added to the 2010-2011 school yearbook.

The news item is on the ctv webpage  Look for the video:”Big Picture: Young Movember moustaches”

Thank you,
Thelma Sambrook

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Grades 1-3: Winter Lunch Program Info

25 Nov

Information about Lunch Programs is coming out on Friday, November 26th.  Please look in your child’s Friday file for details.  There is an omission on the page that lists the programs offered by Summit teachers for the winter term.

Mondays GRADES 1-3: Colouring Club (run by Mrs. DaSilva and Mrs. Bower)
(Please note, as with all teacher offered programs, registration is done through the teacher and not through the paid lunch program form.  Information for teacher offered programs will come from the teachers shortly).

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Holiday Shopping Night is Wednesday, November 24th!!

19 Nov

The Indigo Holiday Shopping Night is Wednesday, November 24th!!
Arrive early to hear our kindergarten children sing (performance at 6:15 p.m.) followed by a group of talented percussionists and guitarists.  
There will be cookies and coffee, a craft table and an Indigo gift-card raffle. 
In-store purchases can be made until closing at 10pm.
Please help spread the word, and thank you for supporting our school!
NB: For those who cannot attend, purchases can be made at any time during the day on November 24th, by phone or in person.  Before you pay, please inform the sales clerk that you are supporting the Summit Heights fundraiser. To order by phone, please call: 416-781-6660 and ask to speak to the manager on duty. Any purchases made over the phone will be brought to Summit for your pick-up the following day.

Holiday Shopping Night Poster

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Change for MOvember

19 Nov

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