Safety and Security at Summit Heights

Safety and Security at Summit Heights

Summit Heights is a locked building for security and safety purposes. Access to our school is through the main front doors only. The doors will be locked at 8:25 a.m. when outdoor supervision begins and will remain locked throughout the day. To gain access to the school please ring the buzzer once and wait to speak to someone in the office over the intercom system. The office will release the lock for appropriate entry. Visitors, volunteers and guests are to enter by the main doors and report to the office to sign-in. You must pick up and wear a volunteer/visitor badge. Please sign out and return your badge when leaving. If you are dropping off lunches or other items for the students you must do so at the office. Please do not take these items to the classrooms.

Please help us maintain a safe and secure building by not opening the doors to others or expecting others to open the doors for you.

The students and staff of the TDSB school board are expected to practice for unexpected events. These events include Fire Drills, Lockdowns and Evacuations. We practice to ensure that if we were ever in a situation of risk we would know how to calmly, appropriately and safely deal with the situation. Our goal is to keep everyone in the building safe at all times.


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