The Parking Lot

The Parking Lot

Please familiarize yourself with the following rules for parking at or near the school. These rules are for the safety of all the users of our parking lot, particularly the students.

Main Parking Lot:

The area by the fence at the south end of the parking lot adjacent to the field is a DROP OFF ZONE. From this spot you are only allowed to stop and direct your children to quickly exit the vehicle. You are not to get out of your vehicle to assist them or speak to friends and neighbours through your window. This is a quick in and out spot only. If your children need assistance you must park your vehicle in a designated parking spot and turn off your engine. It is advised and expected that you will escort your children through the parking lot to ensure their safety. If you wish to speak to friends and neighbours, please park your vehicle first and then have your conversation. If you feel more comfortable waiting until your children have entered the building, you must be in a legitimate long-term parking space. At pick up time the opposite procedure is in effect. You must not stop and wait in these spots for your children to come out of the building.

Accessible Parking:

The two parking spaces adjacent to the fence beside the front lawn are designated for vehicles that display a legal accessible parking document issued by the government. You may only use this spot if you are parking and exiting your vehicle. Even if you have the proper government issued  sticker this is not the spot to stop to drop off or pick up students. There is a designated drop-off spot for that purpose. These spaces are for PARKING only.

Delhi Avenue:

The city has changed the parking signs on Delhi Avenue. Cars are now permitted to park on the north side of the street for 30 minutes during the school day. There is no parking allowed on the south side of the street. Anyone parking on the south side of the street is in danger of being ticketed or towed by the city. This is an excellent spot to drop off or pick up students who do not need to be escorted into and out of the building and use the back door for entry and exit.

Circular Drive:

The circular drive is a SCHOOL BUS ZONE. This area is for the exclusive use of the school buses. Please do not use this area as a drop off or pick-up zone at any time during the school day.




The Parking Lot

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