Auction 2022 – Welcome


Welcome to the 2022 Summit Heights Public School Auction.  We are very excited to be able to offer some exciting items while a the same time helping our school raise funds in the process!

The silent auction runs every day from Monday, May 16th to Friday, May 20th from 8:00am – 8:00pm.

Each day presents the community with new items and services to be won.  As an added bonus, our Summit staff have generously donated their time, services (and private funds), and these “teacher auction items” do not expire until the end of the week. Just wait to see what they are offering! 

Finally, all the proceeds from the incredible bidding items provided on Wednesday May 18th are earmarked for the grade 6G/8 graduation, so here’s your chance to support those kids and take an amazing prize home too!

Auction Links

Select the link below in order to access the auction.


Do I need to register to bid?

  • All you need is a name and email address which you input every time you bid

How do I bid?

  • From the home page, click on the daily auction link. (E.g. Tues May 17 Auction). Scroll through the auctions.
  • Click the “Bid Now” button of the item to go to the bid page. Enter your name and email and the bid amount. Your bid amount can be the MINIMUM BID for that item or the next BID INCREMENT amount. Click BID to submit your bid for this amount.
  • The auction program is set up to AUTO-BID for you. You can bid an amount that is the maximum amount that you are willing to bid. The program will bid the next BID INCREMENT on your behalf against all other bidders up to the maximum amount of your bid and no further. If you are outbid, you will be notified by email and you will have the chance to increase your bid if you choose.

Auction Closing (PLEASE READ)

  • In order to ensure fairness across our bidding process, any bids placed within the last 15 minutes of an auction will automatically extend the auction by 15 mins in order to give someone who is outbid an opportunity to place a new bid if they so choose.
    • For example: John places a bid for $80 at 7:55pm, the auction will get extends to 8:15pm. If Mary now places a bid for $90 at 8:05pm. The action is again extended, this time to 8:30pm.

How Auto-bidding works (PLEASE READ)

  • Auto-bidding is a system that will bid on your behalf as way to maintain your winning status.
    • For example:
      • Suppose the minimum bid is $50;
      • Mary’s bid is at $55, the winning bid displays $55 to Mary
      • John then bids $90 (as he really wants this item), the winning bid will show $60 to John (NOT $90) as the previous bid of $55 will get incremented by $5.
      • Mary then bid $65; however, John would still hold the winning bid as the system would increment John’s bid to $65
      • Mary would need to bid $95 in order to hold the winning bid.  However, she would not know the amount required to outbid John and would only discover this by placing higher bids.

How will I know if I won and how will I receive my item?

  • You will receive an email indicating that you are the winner of the item once the auction has ended. Someone from the Summit Heights Fundraising Committee will be reaching out to you in the following week to arrange payment (cash or cheque) and pickup of the item.

What do I if I have any questions or issues?