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Clarification on Universal Donation

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Earlier this morning many of you would have received a notification from the School Cash Online system including both Grade 8 Graduation Fundraiser and Universal Donation items.  

The Universal Donation ask was showing as $175/student instead of $50/student.  We apologize to everyone for this.  We understand that these are difficult times for many people, and hope that the notification email did not cause stress or anxiety for anyone.  The reason that this happened is based on how the School Cash Online System works.   When the Universal Donation was set up, options were added for $25, $50 and $100 contribution.  Cash Online added all 3 together and showed $175 as the amount of the ask and the amount due.  This is absolutely not the case.   The Universal Donation is a voluntary donation and families can choose any amount they want to contribute. 

Please find attached the message from SAC explaining the purpose of the Universal Donation and the planned use of the funds that are raised by this initiative.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your SAC chairs at:

Judith Borts – jborts@hotmail.com

Richard Freilich – rfreilich@gmail.com

Thank you and once again, our apologies for the confusion.  

Summit Heights SAC