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Coyote Citing @ SHPS

November 28, 2022
Dear Parents/Guardians,
We are writing to inform you that today, at approximately 10:10 am, and again at 12:08 pm, a coyote came onto school property. We kept all of our students and staff indoors during the first citing (including prohibiting students travelling to/from our school portables).  During the second citing our Principal chased the coyote off of our property. 
Coyotes are cautious and non-confrontational by nature, and it is not unusual to see these animals in many parts of our city. However, it is important to take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of students and staff.
We contacted the City of Toronto’s Animal Services unit to report the sighting and receive advice on next steps. School staff has been, and will continue to be, especially watchful for wildlife during the school day. We have also reviewed safety tips with staff and students. If you encounter a coyote, here is some information from Animal Services that may be helpful: 

  • Encourage the coyote to keep moving by shouting and gesturing aggressively.
  • There is probably a food source either in your yard or your neighbour’s yard. To stop a coyote from coming into your yard avoid feeding your pets outdoors, store garbage, recycling and organics properly, and remove dense brush and weeds to minimize hiding spots.
  • If you see someone feeding a coyote, call 311 as it is against City bylaws.
  • Coyotes are naturally timid and flee when confronted aggressively. Never run away from a coyote. The following actions teach coyotes to fear humans:
    • Be Big – Stand up and raise your arms in the air. Appear as large and threatening as possible
    • Be Loud – Stomp your feet, clap your hands, and yell “go away coyote” to alert people nearby.
    • Be Threatening – Throw a tennis ball or a small pebble or stick at the coyote, but only to show the coyote who is boss – not to injure!
    • Avoid turning your back, maintain eye contact and slowly back away.

 On behalf of our school, please: 

  • Ensure your child comes to school on time and with other students.  If late, please ensure they are accompanied. Students should not be coming in late alone.
  • Reinforce safety precautions with your child.
  • Do not leave food in the playground. Caretakers will be cleaning up the yard immediately after school. 

For more information, visit www.toronto.ca/animal_services, click on wildlife, then coyotes.

As always, student and staff safety is our top priority. Please contact the school should you have any questions or concerns.


Mr. B. Mah,