Details – Lunch Time Programs – Winter 2023

Dear Summit Heights Families,

Now is your opportunity to sign up for Winter Lunch Time Programs! Registration will be online through an online form The deadline for online registration is TUESDAY, January 10, 2023 at 12pm.

Please send ONE CHEQUE PER STUDENT PER PROGRAM and include the day and program in the memo line (for example, “Tuesday Chess” or “Thursday FIMO”).

If you have difficulty with the online form, please contact the lunch program coordinators, Angel Tang & Andrea Page, at


  • SPOTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. If interest exceeds program capacity, participants will be chosen by lottery.  If you don’t get a spot, you will be given priority in the same program next term. If the same program is not offered again, you will be given priority in ONE program of your choice next term. Forms MUST be received by the deadline to participate in any lotteries or to receive priority next term.  Your child’s participation in the requested programs will be confirmed with you by email on or around January 12, 2023.
  • PROGRAMS RUN WEEKLY FOR SPECIFICED NUMBER OF WEEKS. Students must register for the full term. Fees cannot be pro-rated for field trips, family vacations or other absences. There are no make-up sessions, and refunds will not be given for missed sessions.
  • REGISTRATION FEES: You must submit ONE CHEQUE PER CHILD PER PROGRAM payable to “Summit Heights School Council”. Cheques are due by Wednesday, January 11, 2023. Online payment is NOT available at this time. If you need financial assistance to participate, please speak to Mr. Mah or your child’s teacher by January 10, 2023. If your payment or a request for financial assistance is not received by the due date, your spot will be offered to any children on the wait list, and your registration may be cancelled.
  • BEHAVIOUR POLICY: All programs require that students listen, behave respectfully, co-operate with instructors, follow rules, participate in activities and help to clean up. If there are behaviour concerns, parents will be contacted. If a parent has to be contacted more than twice, the student will not be allowed to continue in the program. NO REFUND will be given to a student removed from a program due to poor behaviour.
  • REFUND POLICY: If a student is not happy in a program, a refund may be requested within two-days of having attended the first class. NO refunds will be given after this period.
  • “FREE” LUNCH PROGRAMS: Summit teachers may offer some “free” teacher-run lunch programs or clubs in addition to the lunch programs coordinated by School Council.  Details regarding these programs will be communicated directly by the teachers involved when they are available.


TUESDAYS (January 17 – March 7)

  • Threadcraft (Gr 1-3) $130
    ThreadHeads is back with new projects!!! New and returning students are welcome! Threadcrafts is general fibre arts class for the younger kids. Materials and methods will encompass weaving, sewing, loom knitting, braiding, and knot tying. Each class focuses on having fun while making things
  • Chess (Gr 1-8) $130
    Chess and Math Association (CMA) is a Canada-wide, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the game of chess into elementary schools. Studies have shown that playing chess improves children’s quality of life, mathematical skills and intelligence! Come learn to play!
  • HD LEGO Animation Movie & Trailer Creations (Gr 4-6) $150
    This program puts students’ imaginations to the test. Working together, students will create a story out of LEGO and learn how to use HD cameras and stop motion technology to bring their LEGO creations to life. Then the students will move on to the editing process where they get to add titles, sub-titles, credits, music and their own voice recordings to bring out the WOW factor. After their LEGO movie is complete, they will also create a high-quality movie trailer of their LEGO movie. At the end of the program each student will receive both projects to take home on a USB key.

WEDNESDAYS (January 18 – March 8)

  • Primary FIMO by Wanda’s Creative Clay! (Gr 1-3) $155
    A long-time Summit family favourite! Your child will learn to turn FIMO clay into amazing creations designed by Wanda. Kids will improve their fine motor skills, work on patience and confidence, learn about colours and math and experience just old fashioned “having fun.”
  • Advanced FIMO by Wanda’s Creative Clay! (Gr 4-8) $175
    Wanda and her team are back with all of the tricks and tools to make FIMO clay come to life! A more advanced course for older students, students will create a more complex and truly awesome project!
  • Money Managers (Gr 4-6) $155
    This course turns financial literacy upside-down. From boring and tedious, to fun and inspiring. This program is an empowering, multi-level financial literacy curriculum for kids featuring interactive group activities, easy-to-understand visual presentations, “net worth” tournaments, investment tournaments, and highly charged discussions. We also cover what it really costs parents to keep their little darlings fed, clothed, and educated for one year, as well as an outline of life’s big expenses, like education, real estate and retirement. Best of all, kids will know that they are in the driver’s seat when it comes to their finances. In an era filled with unrelenting consumer advertising, false images of financial success, and easily accessible credit, our courses teach students how to be financial leaders, not financial victims; to be true to who they are when they manage their finances; and to understand how their financial choices impact not only their own lives in the short and long term, but also the world around them.

THURSDAYS (January 19 – March 9)

  • Sewing (Gr 3-6) $130
    Jessica from ThreadHeads is back with new projects for new and returning students! Kids will focus on hand sewing skills and learn to thread their needle, tie knots, and tstitch fabric together for both function and decoration. Projects will range from pin cushions and stuffies to embroidery samplers, repair patching and quilt panels.
  • Primary FIMO by Wanda’s Creative Clay!  (Gr 1-3) $155
    A second offering of Wanda’s popular FIMO program for grades 1-3. See Wednesday class description.
  • Sphero Robotics & Coding || Games + Missions + CHALLENGES (Gr 1-3) $150
    This One-Of-A-Kind program introduces students to the fun and exciting world of robotics and coding. Throughout the program, students will be amazed as they explore how to program, customize and control over 5 different Sphero Robots while learning a variety of basic, intermediate, and advanced coding techniques along the way! Students will also be put to the test using the Lighting Lab APP as they compete in several SPHERO Robotic free drive challenges & competitions. Examples include: The Ultimate Programmer, GALAXY-MODE Tag, The SUPER MAZE, Robot Bowling, Chariot Races, Custom built Terrain Parks, The MEGA Obstacle Course Challenge & MORE! Robots used throughout this program include Sphero SPRK+ ,Sphero BOLT, OLLIE, Dark-Side Robot, R2D2 & BB-8.