Health Issues

Health Issues


Ontario law requires that all school children in Ontario be fully immunized against diptheria, tetanus, polio, mumps, measles, and rubella. Students are required to present proof of such immunization unless exempt for medical or religious reasons. Children who do not have up-to-date immunizations and records to prove it may be suspended from school until proof is provided.

Lice Checks:

Every student will be checked for head lice three times throughout the school year.

Dental Screening/Sight/Hearing

Once a year, a dental hygienist screens the teeth of each child in all grades. When necessary, a report is sent home to parents. There is also an optional sight/hearing test available for all students.

Illness or Injury

When a child is sick he or she will be kept as comfortable as possible while parents/guardians are contacted to determine what steps they wish to take. In a case when an injury appears to be serious, the child will be taken to a hospital or an ambulance will be called. To assist us in contacting either you or the emergency contact person you have indicated, please ensure that all telephone numbers given for school records are always current.