Optional – Monthly Subway Sandwich Lunches 2022/2023

Take your Sub Home OR Stay at School for Lunch!

NEW this year, the Summit Heights Parent Council is organizing monthly Subway Lunches (in addition to weekly pizza lunches) as a fundraiser for Summit Heights for all JK-8 students! Please note that this is an optional lunch for your child(ren) and you are not obligated to participate.


Friday October 28                                               Friday March 31

Friday November 25                                           Friday April 28

Friday December 16*                                         Friday May 26

Friday January 27                                               Friday June 23*

Friday February 24

*Subway lunch is the last Friday of each month except December and June.  

**** UPDATE: If you wish to sign your child up for Subway lunch, there’s still time! Click on this link starting Friday afternoon on Oct 28 and sign up for the rest of the year and your child will receive their first sub on Friday, November 25. You can customize your sub! Your last chance to be included in Subway lunch will be November 7, so sign up soon! ****


Payment Information: 

1. Complete one Google form per child

2. For each child, please provide two Subway Lunch cheques (equal amounts) OR cash in a labelled envelope. One cheque dated October 11th, 2022 and one post-dated for March 1, 2023. Do not combine children on the same cheque (Example: If you have 2 children participating, then 4 cheques must be sent in).  Cheques are preferred, but cash can also be sent in for the full amount. 

3. Please write your child’s first and last name and teacher at the bottom of the cheque. This is very important.

4. Cheques should be made payable to “Summit Heights School Council”. Please do not combine Subway lunch cheques with other Council initiatives. Please return the cheques to your child’s teacher.

5. Please complete both the online Google Order Form found on the Summit website and submit corresponding cheques no later than Tuesday October 11, 2022.  

6. For financial assistance, please speak directly with Mr. Mah.

Cheque amounts: 

6 inch Sub – $72 (cheques $36.00/$36.00)

12 inch Sub – $108 (cheques $54.00/$54.00)

Reminder: Both the Google Order Form and 2 separate cheques must be submitted per child

General Information:

Ordering Subway lunch is an all-inclusive offer. Every effort will be made to avoid scheduling conflicts, which result in class trips, etc. falling on Subway lunch days. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or make-up lunches for missed Subway lunches. 

Once your order has been submitted, no changes will be permitted. 

On behalf of the Parent Council, thank you for participating in our Subway lunch program. If you have any questions, please contact Tammy Vinokur or Terri Yoo at shpspizza@gmail.com