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Potential Snow Day (Jan 17): Update

Dear Summit Heights Families,

Moments ago, the TDSB emailed staff with this update regarding tomorrow’s potential “snow day”:

If the decision is made to cancel buses and close schools to in-person learning, all schools will be moving to remote learning for the day.

While the TDSB had shared last month that if buses were cancelled, it would be a typical “snow day” (no live learning), however the board has decided that since the entire system has already been learning remotely for almost two weeks, and given the disruptions to students’ learning, we feel it would be best to extend remote learning for one additional day (again, that is IF buses are cancelled tomorrow).

The final decision on the day will be made at 6:00 am by the TDSB senior staff. If buses are cancelled and we continue with remote learning, this will be communicated on local news outlets, the TDSB website (www.tdsb.on.ca) and their Twitter account.  

Thank you for your understanding, support and continued patience.

Best regards,

Mr. B. Mah,