Principal’s Update for March 2021

Dear Summit Heights Families,


We wish everyone who celebrates Passover a happy and joyous festival.  This important holiday commemorates the transition from slavery to freedom for people of Jewish heritage.  Often this means time with friends and family sharing a festive meal and ritual foods, and the retelling of the Exodus through stories and song.  Chag sameach!

This coming week is also Good Friday (April 2nd), followed by Easter Monday (April 29th).   We wish all those who celebrate Easter a very happy Easter!  Please note, there are no classes at Summit Heights on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

A reminder too that Spring Break happens during the week of April 12th to April 16th (again, there are no classes during this time).

Our School Advisory Council (aka Parent Council) is hosting another fun-filled virtual games night for students and parents!  On April 8th, please join us at 7pm on Zoom for Games Night!  You can register (or ask questions) by writing an email to:

April 9th is the International Day of Pink.  This important day raises awareness, education and action against bullying, discrimination, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and transmisogyny.  Please join us in wearing pink on April 9th.

April 21st is the next virtual SAC (Parent Council) meeting.  The meeting begins at 7pm on Zoom.  Please inquire with our SAC for the link.

Since our last school update, we’ve had some changes to our school staff.  Mrs. Marchiori recently announced her retirement at the end of this school year.  Congratulations to Mrs. Marchiori on making this decision about this next phase of her life – we’re sure her last few months of her teaching career will be great and memorable!  We welcome back Mrs. Bower who has returning to her teaching duties here at Summit Heights and we thank Mrs. Clarke for filling in for her.  Welcome back too to Ms. Christie who was on leave earlier this year.  A warm welcome to Ms. Allen who is filling in for Ms. Samson.

With the warmer weather upon us, we have reminded our students via our morning announcements and in class several times this past week, that the many rules and protocols regarding safety for Covid-19 are still in effect.  These rules include:

  • Completing the health pass before coming to school (paper-pass or app) on a daily basis.  For those who do not pass the check, they must stay home, contact our main office, and follow the direction of Toronto Public Health.
  • Everyone on our school property must wear a PPE-mask.  Students may temporarily remove their mask when drinking, eating or during supervised mask-breaks arranged by their teachers.
  • Maintain, as much as possible, 2m of social distancing from others.
  • Practice proper hand hygiene, on a regular basis, including when coming into our school.
  • For the time being, the only sports equipment/toys allowed during recess are soccer balls.  Students should play in groups of 3 or fewer (in their cohort) without goalies.  Exceptions to this rule can take place during supervised PE and DPA classes.
  • Recesses will continue to be in cohorts and in designated (though rotated) areas of our school yard.  The importance of having the opportunity to be outside in the fresh air during the ongoing pandemic means that recesses (including the time before school) will continue to be outside, even during inclement weather.  If there is lightning or thunder in our area however, everyone will remain indoors for recess.

There are many more rules and protocols at our school, but these are ones that you can help remind your child about.

It’s very important that parents familiarize themselves with the TPH decision guide in regard to Covid-19 and schools.   This document (in pdf format) can be downloaded at this web site:

More information can be found at (including the most up-to-date health paper pass).

We must continue our best efforts in doing everything we can to remain healthy and stop the spread of Covid.  So far, parents (and students) have been very cooperative, supportive and understanding when following the directions set out by TPH, the TDSB and our school.  The health and safety of everyone at our school is our top priority, and we can only maintain this with your help.  Thank you!

A reminder for parents who drop-off or pick-up on Delhi.  Please remember to park/stop your vehicle facing the proper direction.  We’ve noticed improvement of this, so thank you parents – please keep it up!  In addition, please do not stop/park/drop-off or pick-up in the intersection at Delhi and Northmount (many students cross the street at this intersection).

Thank you for reading!

Mr. B. Mah,