Rules and Behaviour

Rules and Behaviour

Dress Code:

At Summit Heights Public School students are asked to conform to a dress code that reflects a respectful attitude toward themselves, others and in particular toward learning. The dress code is an important and valuable part of our school. The following describes our policy in specific detail to ensure that everyone fully understands what the expectations are for appropriate student, staff and volunteer dress in our school setting.

Appropriate Dress:

• Hats are removed when entering the building (religious/cultural head wear is ok)

  • Head covers are to be worn for medical or religious reasons only

• Clothes are in good repair: free of holes, tears and slashes

• Slogans on clothing that are positive and appropriate for the school setting. Clothes should not display inappropriate language or symbols

• Appropriate non-marking indoor footwear is worn at all times

Positive Behaviour:

The school believes in helping children:

• Increase feelings of self-worth

• Encourage respect and friendship of others

• Contribute to a classroom atmosphere where everyone can learn

• Give opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities and field trips

• Promote opportunities to take a leadership role in school organizations and teams

• Obtain recognition through assemblies, certificates and awards