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Sibling and Spring Photos

Dear Summit Heights Families,

This coming Tuesday May 3rd, Edge Image will be at our school to take sibling photos for our yearbook (and for parents to order if they’d like).  Individual student photos will also be available for parents who wish to have their child photographed.  Photos will be in front of a green screen (so please do not have your child wear any green on Monday).

Parents will receive proofs at a later date, and have the option to purchase photos/photo-packages.  We do ask that all siblings take a photo for the yearbook, but parents are under no obligation to purchase photos/packages.  

If you would like to have your child take an individual photo, please contact your child’s classroom teacher indicating so (via email, or written note etc).  Students can take an individual photo only if their parent makes a request to their classroom teacher.

Thank you,

Mr. B. Mah