Student Expectations

Students Are Expected To:

• Move through the building in an orderly, quiet and safe manner

• Behave in a manner that reflects a respect for both private and public property

• Observe, respect and obey the instructions of all school staff

• Treat everyone with courtesy and respect

• Obey classroom and lunchroom rules and follow routines

• Complete assigned tasks to the best of your ability

• Maintain your personal belongings in a neat, orderly and responsible way

• Remain within the defined school play area during recess periods and before classes in the morning and at lunch

• Assist in maintaining the neatness of the school property

• Keep the classroom, hallways and school property free from litter

• Follow the teacher’s directions and be ready to learn

• When there is a supply teacher in the room, follow this teacher’s directions and be ready to learn

School Yard Rules:

• Treat others, both students and adults, with courtesy and respect

• Resolve conflicts with your words

• Students are not to return to their classroom unless accompanied by a teacher or lunchroom supervisor

• Roller blades, skateboards and scooters may not be used on school property (carry them once you reach school property)

• If you bring your bike to school, you must walk it once you are on school property—please lock your bike if leaving it on school property. We are not responsible for lost or stolen objects

• No hard balls or bats are to be used