Summit Heights Parent-Staff Communication Protocol

Summit Heights Parent-Staff Communication Protocol

Supporting School Staff is an essential component in maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment.

If you have any concerns, always discuss them with the teacher first. If the issue cannot be resolved mutually, it may then be appropriate to contact the principal.

Please maintain a courteous and respectful manner when communicating with school staff at all times. It is important to remember that our staff are qualified professionals. When issues arise, please make an appointment with the teacher. Instruction time, arrival and dismissal times are not appropriate times to discuss concerns as they interrupt the learning process.  In keeping with the TDSB’s safe school policy, all visits must start at the office. Further to this point, for security reasons and to maintain a focused learning environment; all visitors must go directly to the office even if dropping off a lunch. The office will ensure that your child receives your her/his lunch.  Please note, no visitors are to go directly to the classroom.

When there is communication from home, your child’s teacher may not be able to respond immediately. Please prioritize your concerns and the frequency of your communications. To keep your child safe, any changes to pick up arrangements must come in writing to the teacher in the morning.  Keep in mind that, as a parent, you are one of many. Your patience is much appreciated.

In order to maintain positive home and school relationships, please be aware of what you say about staff in front of children and other parents.

All parties should keep all communication confidential.

At Summit Heights, we recognize that many factors maximize student success at school.  They start with an effective partnership between parents/guardians and staff and on-going communication between home and school.