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Update on Front Door & Water

Dear Summit Heights Families,

This is an update about our school’s water supply and our front door (Exit 1).

Water was restored to our building yesterday.  Crews “flushed” our water lines numerous times yesterday, and our caretakers did so again this morning.  Our water supply is safe to use and drink.

The temporary safety fencing at the front of our building was also adjusted so that the front doors are accessible, however, due to the amount of mud and dirt by the doors (inside and out), this exit remains closed today for safety reasons.  We will update the community on this matter as soon as possible.  In the meantime, visitors to the building should call 416-395-2920 and enter/exit the school at Exit 2.

Our kindergarten classes are accessing our school via Exit 1A.  For today, drop-off and pick-up are at this exit (which is near our main exit).  Ms. Bernstein/Ms. Eisen’s Grade 1 class will continue to use Exit 2 for entry/exit (like last week).  All other classes are not affected by the closure of our front door.

I’d like to once again thank the TDSB Facilities Department, our caretakers, the City of Toronto, Toronto Fire Services and our school staff for their response in managing this situation.

Best regards,

Mr. B. Mah,