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Update on Graduations, Picking Up Items, Last & First day of Classes.

Dear Summit Heights Families,

We hope that this email finds you and your family well.  Please review the following updates:

SK and Gifted Grade 6 Graduations
As communicated by the TDSB, schools in our school board will continue ahead with the virtual graduations.  While there was encouragement from the Provincial Government to host outdoor celebrations, the TDSB set out the graduation protocol in advance and schools (ours included) have been preparing for their virtual ceremonies.  If your child is in SK or Gifted Grade 6, more specific information about the upcoming celebrations have been and will be communicated directly to you.

Picking up personal belongings
The TDSB has given permission to schools to organize and conduct a pick-up of student belongings.  At Summit Heights, each classroom teacher will be organizing what works best for their classroom, and they will be communicating what date and window of time as to when you (or your child if they are old enough) can come to the school to collect your child’s belongings. Please note, in order to comply with TPH protocols, we have to limit the number of classes allowing visitors at any one time.  Please be on the lookout for this communication from your child’s teacher.

If you have more than one child (in different classes) at our school, we suggest coming to pick up items on the “latest” date listed of those classes.  This way, it’s likely the belongings of your other children will be ready for pick up (and likely will be left in the hall outside of the class) by the teacher.  If you come at the earliest possible date, the other classrooms might not be ready.  

Final Day of Classes and First day of class in September

Please note that the last day of classes for students is Tuesday June 29th.  As there is no PA day this year after the last day of classes,  most staff will not be required to report to work on June 30th.

The first day of classes for the 2021-2022 school year is Thursday, September 9, 2021.  Please note, this is different than most regular “pre-Covid” years where the first day of school was the Tuesday after Labour Day.  

As mentioned before, we will communicate with all of our parents via email (using this mailing list) of the first-day-of-school routines.  This email will likely come out in late August, particularly after we get the results of the TDSB parent survey about the upcoming school year.

Thank you for reading,

Mr. B. Mah,