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Updated Cohort Model (as of Sept 20)

Dear Summit Heights Families,

The staff and I are pleased to announce that we are expanding our cohort model, effective Monday September 20, 2021.  

All classes will have at least one other similar grade class that they can learn and play with.  Expanding our cohort model allows for certain classes to mix indoors and outside while at school.  To help facilitate this new school set-up, we have re-arranged the recess and lunch schedules so that cohorts will be together at these times.  While the times of recess and lunch haven’t changed, some classes may have had their recesses changed from Recess A to B, C to D or vice versa.

Students in the same cohort will be able to play together, in the same area, at recesses.  This also means that there is the possibility of classes working and learning together indoors where appropriate.

Teachers have already gone over the changes with their classes today so that we can begin the new cohorting model on Monday.

The following is our new cohort model:

Kindergarten Cohort: Shapiro/Powell & Valdoria/Kalimbet
Primary Cohort: Bernstein/Eisen & Bates
Intermediate Cohort: Kipka & Andrews & Birnbaum
Junior Cohort: Schonberger & Kellesis
Middle School Cohort: Hunter & Anton & Zivkovic & Calvieri/Brock
Gifted Cohort: Chen & Mercer & Eschle

Please note, our +/- one grade level of play at recess rule is currently paused/on hold.

Thank you,

Mr. B. Mah,